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Detroit Become Human Review

Okay, before I say anything, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet… GO WATCH IT! Okay, did you get through all that? Am I the only one who sees this being turned into a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence? Obviously the graphics look amazing, but what about the gameplay? Well… thankfully during my visit to Pax East, my wife and I were able to demo … Read More Detroit Become Human Review


Pax East Cosplaying!

    So each year when I go to PAX, I try to snag as many pictures of the best (or at least my favorite) cosplayers. As you can imagine, there is a massive mix of bad, good, and… the ones who clearly put as much time into their as I do writing, editing, and cover planning my books! Seriously! We also get a … Read More Pax East Cosplaying!