Okay, before I say anything, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet… GO WATCH IT!

Okay, did you get through all that? Am I the only one who sees this being turned into a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence?

Obviously the graphics look amazing, but what about the gameplay? Well… thankfully during my visit to Pax East, my wife and I were able to demo the game.


I was truly scared that this was going to be a game that was pretty much a 3rd Person beat em up, shooter. However, from what I’ve seen, this is anything but that. The immersive surroundings, and flowing story makes this game hard to ignore. My wife and I both played the demo and both had a very different story to tell about how it ended.

So based on the trailer and what little of the game I was able to sample:

Immersion 5/5

Graphics 4/5 (they do seem a little behind.)

Story 5/5 I was really interested in Connor and David and can’t wait to hear more about them and how the scene unfolded around them.

Overall 5/5 (Dear God, please don’t let this game turn out to suck!)


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Catch you on the flip side!


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