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Hello everyone! I am back from my brief sabbatical and am happy to announce that things are up and running again. First, let me say that I am absolutely flattered by all the positive feedback Damnation has been getting and would PLEASE urge you to leave a review on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It really would help to spread the word! On … Read More NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT!!


Steel Your Courage!!!

Damnation is coming!!! Two more days until release…. Synopsis A soldier fighting a hopeless war, a broken angel torn between three worlds, and the fate of a nation hanging in the balance. Piero Lorenzi was used to danger. He’d been a soldier since was old enough to handle a sword, but nothing could have prepared him for the journey to come. As the army … Read More Steel Your Courage!!!

Writing Motivation

“how do we keep motivated on writing? I used to write, then stopped for months, then im starting again, bt how do i keep being motivated? 🙂 would really appreciate the advice :D” -Senra Hi Senra, Great question. Motivation is very important in writing, if you’re not motivated to write and you just keep writing to finish what you’re working on and ‘just get … Read More Writing Motivation