“how do we keep motivated on writing? I used to write, then stopped for months, then im starting again, bt how do i keep being motivated? 🙂 would really appreciate the advice :D”

Hi Senra,

Great question. Motivation is very important in writing, if you’re not motivated to write and you just keep writing to finish what you’re working on and ‘just get it over with’ it reflects in what you’re writing. Readers pick up on a lot more than we often suspect… and in most cases, would prefer.

A lot of people have different ideas on how to keep yourself going and honestly, usually if you’re inspired to write, you’ve already got your motivation. If the ideas are flowing, putting them on paper should not feel like a chore. So many of them will give you different writing exercises, different things to do on the side while writing, and while those may work, they’re not what I recommend.

Personally Senra, I would say that if you’re not motivated to write, given what I said above, put your pen down, now. I’m not kidding, unless you’re under a strict dead-line from a publisher, there is no reason for you to keep writing. You’re not doing yourself or your readers any favors by writing when not inspired or motivated. It’s okay to put your pen down. Go do something else.

I would recommend going out and trying something new, something you’ve never done before that you’ve always wanted to. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old bucket list and pick something to cross off. Take some YOU time and go do something wild or out of the ordinary for you.

It may take a few days, or even a few months, but I can guarantee you that the new experience will get the creative juices flowing and absence from writing will make the heart grow fonder for it.

Hope this helps, good luck, and I hope to see what you’ve come up with real soon!

Everyone, do you agree, or do you have another method that Senra can utilize that works for you? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.


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7 Comments on “Writing Motivation

  1. I suggest that this writer do a lot of reading. I personally find that when I read something I like, sometimes in the genre I’m writing or not, I get inspired. I also suggest going outside and listening to your environment, because the sounds you really hear when you close your eyes and listen, can triger new ideas. Also, listen to yourself. Sit in a quiet place and let the thoughts flow. You may never know what you might come up with.

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    • Dang, you read my mind. Also, she should think about HOW the author is writing, what makes their book so awesome. I wouldn’t suggest copying, but getting an idea of what you like in a book helps you write. If you like it, someone else probably will, too.


      • I wouldn’t suggest the writer copy things from the book, but I do suggest that he or she write down aspects of the book that he or she likes, and take note of the writing style of the book that person is reading for future reference.


  2. ~thank you for this Cyril! 😀 Yeah, maybe I do need some time away from the computer, ill try reading a book or walking 🙂 thanks!


  3. I do this, and also news stories can give inspiration… Metro has those amusing stories which can give ideas 🙂


  4. I’ve definitely found that sometimes what you need is a break. Recharge the creative batteries. When I’m away from writing for a few days, or longer, I start to get that burning desire to write again. But on the other hand, I’ve also fond that just sitting down and writing anything that comes to mind, or working from a prompt, or something like that also works. Sometimes lack of motiation is lack of inspiration and sometimes it’s overwork, I think.


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