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Star Wars: The Search for Snoke

Okay, we all know my theory as to who Rey is, so I’m not going to rehash that one… instead i’m going into my other theory. One other character in Star Wars is a mystery to us: Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Admittedly there isn’t much information on him out there and this leads to a whole new set of questions: Where was he … Read More Star Wars: The Search for Snoke


Soul Siphon, Book 1 of the Vengeace Doctrine

Soul Siphon is officially released and available for purchase! Check out the adventures of this brand new team as they embark on their first journey together, fighting evil both on their own world, and throughout existence! Book Stats: ISBN: 978-0692608449 First Printing: April 2016 Cover Art: Jabari Weathers Editing: Meghan Harrington Eric Klingenberg Copyright © 2016, James Harrington Illustration © 2016, Jabari Weathers Printed … Read More Soul Siphon, Book 1 of the Vengeace Doctrine


Are Narrative Stories Out of Date

So a few days ago I was reading a the original ‘Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson. I was curious about the story after my boys took a liking to the Disney version. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but I highly recommend reading the original. It is superior in every way to the lax character development of the Disney version. Anyway, more on … Read More Are Narrative Stories Out of Date


Embracing the Dark Side…

“Dear Jim, I’ve been writing a novel for some time now, but it’s been a struggle. I’ve come on hard times recently with a friend. I’ve felt betrayed and hurt. The problem is that I’m afraid to write while I feel that way. I’m worried that it will affect my writing and change how the story goes. Do you think I should keep going … Read More Embracing the Dark Side…


Star Wars: Deciphering Rey’s Identity…

Since the day that the movie came out, people have been clamoring to try to explain who their new leading lady is, who her parents are, the missing pieces of her past, and decipher the hints from the movie itself. … And since I’ve never been one to back away from a good theory war… Let’s explore the most popular theories, why they may … Read More Star Wars: Deciphering Rey’s Identity…

Soul Siphon Update!

I have been neglecting my readers… for that, I apologize. It’s been a busy Christmas and so on for a few months now. However a lot of positive headway has been made on the book! A big thanks to my friend Eric for spearheading the Beta reading. He’s been a HUGE help. On a bad note… I’ve been forced to look for a new … Read More Soul Siphon Update!


Another Abandoned Work… Taryn, The Legacy

So this is another one… sort of a sequel to Magnifica. I’m currently working on a whole new series and am sort of cleaning house with old ideas that frankly, I haven’t been able to go anywhere with. This is the most recent one, which actually came close to being a complete story before I just ran out of steam with it. These chapters … Read More Another Abandoned Work… Taryn, The Legacy