Hi Jim,

I finished reading the Drakin series and wanted to ask you about Qira and Radley. In the event that both of them survived, how would that have worked? Was Radley sexually attracted to a woman that was essentially a giant lizard? How would that have even worked? Sexual attraction, at least in my opinion, is important to a relationship, so I don’t really see how they could have worked. It would have been even worse given that Qira imprinted on Radley. Just wanted to get your thoughts.


Hi Laura,

I have to disagree with you there. Non-sexual life partners do exist, and from what I understand, they are strong relationships. I’ve personally seen no reason why a loving, nurturing relationship cannot exist without sexual intimacy… Granted some other arrangements may need to be made with both parties involved. It’s not something I personally think I could do, but that’s me. Other people are different.

However, that is a moot point as we did find a way around it with the dragon’s ability to appear as a human. For Qira, in the novels, I attempted to imply that, given her connection to Radley, that she was among the first dragons to be able to use the ability. One could then infer that perhaps gaining the ability was in part because of the evolution of the dragon mind, but also the result of her imprinting on a human. Remember, for dragons, imprinting is both a psychological as well as physiological bond where the dragon’s body conforms to suit it’s partner. When two dragons imprint, their bodies’ cycles and chemistry is altered to better suit each other. This improves their mating abilities drastically and accounts for why drakeas numbers swelled in such a short time.

In Qira’s case, she imprinted on a human. Being that his body was biologically incompatible, her body would need to pick up the slack. This isn’t something I went into great detail on… at least not yet, I may in the future, however one could imply that her learning the ability to appear as a human is the result of her imprinting on one and her body basically giving her the ability to mate. They would never be able to conceive children, but at least it would satisfy the biological need.

I hope that makes sense. Great Question!


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