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Writing Fantasy #Writing #Author #Advice

I loved the Skyrim picture in the bottom… My request is: can you give me some advices about how to write a good fantasy story?. I`ve been writing since… forever, but I want to do things in a better way now. I apreciate the help. Thanks! Emaleth Hi Emaleth, Phew, that’s a loaded question. How to write a good fantasy… Well honestly what’s good … Read More Writing Fantasy #Writing #Author #Advice


Writing Advice: Granting Someone Else ‘Godhood’ #Writing #Author #Advice

Hi Jim, I’ve been writing for years and have a book series out that I’m completely finished with. I’ve moved onto other stories, but one of my friends and a fellow writer wants to write a sequel to the series. He has a really great idea for a story set in the world I created, with both my characters and some new ones. While … Read More Writing Advice: Granting Someone Else ‘Godhood’ #Writing #Author #Advice


The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #Advice

Okay, so it looks like I’m still getting a lot of publishing questions. These are recurrent questions I get on a regular basis, and while I want to try to respond to everyone who reaches out to me, I don’t want my blog becoming redundant. So I think I’m going to repost this on a weekly basis from now on to help people navigate … Read More The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #Advice

From One Universe To Another… #Writing #Author #Advice

  Hi Jim, I’ve been writing for a very long time, but I need some advice. I’ve mostly worked on children’s books, but recently have started writing adult fiction. I want to use one of my characters from my children’s books in an adult setting, but I’m worried about how my audience will react to it. Some of my readers have grown up with … Read More From One Universe To Another… #Writing #Author #Advice


Telling a Story vs. Glorification #Writing #Author #Advice

Hi Jim, I have a rather unique issue. I’m trying to write a story dealing with my grandfather. Let me give you some background. My parents immigrated here from Germany, I’m a 1st Generation American. My grandfather was part of the North African Campaign during World War 2. He was a member of the Afrika Korps. My story is partially fiction given that I … Read More Telling a Story vs. Glorification #Writing #Author #Advice


Drakin, where to buy, and what’s next? #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

Hello all! I hope everyone has enjoyed The Drakin Series!! Please don’t forget to leave me a review on Amazon once you’re done. That really helps me out a lot. Copies of these books, as well as my others, can be purchased on Amazon by following this link: James Harrington’s Author Page They’re also available at Barnes and Noble, as well as many other … Read More Drakin, where to buy, and what’s next? #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

All Build Up, No Payoff: The Problem with Open Endings #Writing #Author #Advice

  So this isn’t going to be one of my typical Q&A posts. I’ll get back to those later. This is likely about to be little more than an editorial rant, if anything. Let’s get started… So I just finished playing Mass Effect 3. … and already half of my readers probably know what this is going to be about. I love the series. … Read More All Build Up, No Payoff: The Problem with Open Endings #Writing #Author #Advice


A Better Blogger #Writing #Author #Advice

Can you give some advices about how to get traffic towards your blog? How do you get so many followers on this app? By the way, your posts are really good😊! –Simmone Hi Simmone, Great question. The best way to think about WordPress, or any other blogging page is to think about it as a community. The more you put in, the more you’ll … Read More A Better Blogger #Writing #Author #Advice

Static vs. Dynamic Characters #Writing #Author #Advice

  Hi Jim, I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and was hoping I could get some advice from you. I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of character you like more, a dynamic or static character. I’m creating one right now for my story and am having trouble coming up with ideas. Thanks, Thomas Hi Thomas, I’m afraid … Read More Static vs. Dynamic Characters #Writing #Author #Advice


Death’s Work-Around #Writing #Author #Advice

Hello Writers, Did you recently kill off a character? Do you regret it? Do you want to get that character back but are too good to simply resurrect the character? Well we’ve got a lesser known, yet equally cheap gimmick for you; take the character from another reality! At the low cost of your writing credibility, you can have you character back without any … Read More Death’s Work-Around #Writing #Author #Advice


Blogging Motivations #Writing #Author #Advice

You have a great blog. Would you like to share your story on “What You Blog About” what motivated you to start this blog? –whatyoublogabout Hello, A good question. Well honestly, I have to admit that my initial reasons were not as altruistic as one might think. I’d gone through site after site looking for good ways to advertise your writing. My books weren’t … Read More Blogging Motivations #Writing #Author #Advice


The Right Theme #Writing #Author #Advice

Hi Jim, I’m having a horrible time trying to come up with a theme for my story! I’m trying to map everything out before I write. I was wondering if you had any advice? What themes do you like? Thanks, Lawrence Hi Lawrence, Well I’d honestly say to start writing. If you have ideas, make notes, get them down on paper and then see … Read More The Right Theme #Writing #Author #Advice