I’m not kidding.
Write when you’re sad, it’s when the best poetry comes out, often.

Write when you’re angry… you’ll be surprised how much you get done rage writing… though you may have a lot of editing to do.

Write when you’re frustrated, it’s therapeutic to take out your frustrations on your characters who have done nothing wrong to you. :\

Yes, write in most situation and it will be fine… but not when you’re sick. Last week, I came down with a bad fever and couldn’t get out of bed. So I went to work on a story that I’ve been slowly writing over a while.  Page after page appeared and I was thrilled. I got a lot more done than I thought I could.

Then I came back and re-read what I wrote… and had to completely undo everything. Seriously, half of it was complete gibberish. So yeah, no writing when your sick. It will take you to weird places…

22 Comments on “Don’t write while sick…

  1. Influenza leads to plot holes, blatantly offensive grammar (and I am HORRIBLE at grammar and often go back and edit my posts), and weird adaptations of Disney Channel Original Movies.

    When sick, I choose to stay in bed, with the TV on. It’s okay to be mindless in most cases.

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  2. I completely agree! I did that this week and I ended up deleting what I posted. Fortunately I feel better now. Maybe I can actually write something worthwhile now.


  3. Love the concept of rage writing. I need to find ways to reach some rage. Which just seems nearly impossible because I’m accused of always being waaay too happy to tolerate.
    Hope you’re feeling better.


  4. Couldn’t agree more! Although those random directions can be… Shall we say, interesting… They are best left unexplored!


  5. But it may have been great stream/steam of consciousness avant garde novel. Call it Gim’me Fever ! and dedicate it to the Peggy Lee. 😀

    Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It is much appreciated.


  6. You should write when you “want to write” sick or otherwise, don’t be so quick to put it on the page. Going back later on and sorting it all out is a good idea. Put all your drafts in the can and slowly work them over, then, move them to the front burner of the stove.

    But write.



  7. And don’t try to assess your life when you’re sick, either. It seldom comes out positive. I try to sleep and watch mindless TV. Anything else typically makes me feel bad about myself!


  8. Thanks for visiting my site.
    As a psychologist, I urge my clients to write (or draw, etc.) when they’re having strong feelings. I recommend keeping it abstract unless they have strong images.
    Works well as a cleansing/healing process.

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  9. I find writing during your travels through the lands of drunkenness makes for very interesting reading the following day. You all should try it and find your perfect balance.


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