So it is my greatest pleasure to introduce everyone to a character from a new and exciting story, Divinity. Ladies and Gentlemen, Adalyn, the mighty Angel responsible for saving all of existence during the Celestial War and a hero among her people.

Adalyn: Hello, thank you for inviting me.

:Thank you for accepting. We’ll try not to take up too much of your time as we know that you’re a very busy woman.

Adalyn: Well I appreciate that.

:So Adalyn, tell me, how did you get mixed up in the war?

Adalyn: Believe me, I’ve asked myself the same question several times. Well to start off, before the war, I was a duty angel.

:A duty angel?

Adalyn: Correct. In the Celestial World, there are different casts of Angels. They start up at the top with the Archangels, who report directly to the Most High, then you have the Choirs whom each have a specific job, they report to the Archangels, then you have the duty angels.

:So what’s the difference between a choir angel and a duty angel?

Adalyn: Realistically, not much. Duty angels essentially are assigned one task to perform and they don’t deviate from it. Whereas each choir has a specific job, but there’s are often more complicated, unspecific, and often deal with interfering in corporeal matters.

:You mean humans.

Adalyn: Not just… but yes, your race is the one they deal with most.

:So what was your job?

Adalyn: I was the guiding light to damned souls that were lost at sea. They needed guidance to their afterlife.

:You were the angel of death?

Adalyn: (Laughs) No. Realistically there is no true grim reaper or angel of death. No one person runs around collecting souls. Duty angels are assigned to make sure that each soul get’s to its specific destination. Mine was unfortunately the underworld.

:But I’m confused, you said that this was before the war?

Adalyn: There really wasn’t much going on before the war. Angels were being assigned their tasks when the war broke out. At that point, my job was to ferry the souls of those who fell during the Celestial War to their destination.

:That couldn’t have been easy.

Adalyn: No… and I’d rather not talk about it.

:Understandable. So how then did you get tapped to fight in the war?

Adalyn: Well… it was really necessity more than anything. The initial battles had taken their toll on the Choirs to the point where they had lost significant manpower. That and I had friends in the Choirs, my friends Roselyn, Azrael, and Ariel. They pushed for me and so Michael promoted me to soldier angel. I wasn’t a part of any Choir at that point, but at least I was no longer hanging out in the underworld.

:So you were promoted and thrown into the heat of battle?

Adalyn: Not exactly. I only fought in a few major engagements. No, I was assigned to Azrael as his apprentice. They wanted me to learn infiltration tactics and quick strike techniques.

:What for?

Adalyn: The war needed to end, quickly. Angel blood was staining the land and we were fighting to extinction. The Archangels under Saint Michael’s command devised a plan to knock out Lucifer and his leaders. It was his hope that we’d be able to sneak behind their lines, assassinate most of his generals and force Lucifer to surrender. Lucifer was a good warrior, but he was not tactician. He would not be able to lead his men without help.

:The plan worked, I take it.

Adalyn: Not entirely, one of his generals got away, but that’s something we’re still looking into so I can’t elaborate on it.

:No problem. So now that the war is over, what are you doing?

Adalyn: Well for now, I’m still Azrael’s apprentice. I don’t think the Archangels know where to place me at the moment. They seem to still be looking into where I could do the most good…. it’s taken them billions of years just to get everything figured out, but such is the life of an angel. So at the moment, I’m still the guiding light for damned souls.

:Well I hope you the very best in that, but tell me, what is your opinion of humanity?

Adalyn: I can’t say I care for them. I understand why Lucifer rose up, though I don’t think it was the correct approach. Giving a new world to a child race where they can kill and destroy one another as opposed to the people who have served loyally for uncountable generations doesn’t seem fair.

:So if you ever met a human in the flesh?

Adalyn: … I don’t know how I’d react. I’ve encountered their damned souls, but that’s it.

:I see… well Adalyn, I think you for your time. I don’t have any other questions.

Adalyn: Thank you, it’s best I go anyways, Azrael will be meeting with the Most High soon and asked that I be there.

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  1. I love this. 🙂 It’s very cute! Character interviews ARE a lot of fun, and are great ways to learn about your character!


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