So I’m up and writing again, and my thanks partially lies with this recently discovered (by me) song by a band I’ve been growing more and more fond of over time.

My Utopia by Van Canto. This is basically an A Capella group singing metal music. This song, especially the chorus line…

To the morning skies
With armies of the true believers.
Try another time
by breathing hope.
Through the waste of time.
Be yourself a pain reliever.
Multiply the light
and space will grow.

It’s honestly not so much the lyrics as the melody. The mood and the up-tempo tune are pretty much everything I’m looking for in inspirational music.
Enjoy, and for those of you suffering writers block, I invite you to listen to this song, close your eyes when the chorus line comes on, and start brainstorming. You never know what you might come up with. It worked for me!

Thanks friends, catch you on the flip side,


2 Comments on “MORE Inspiration…

    • You’re welcome. Every now and then, I try to share the music that inspires me to write. If it helps at least one person, then it’s worth it.


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