So I know that this may be a little premature given that Damnation is beginning the process of editing, but given the level of interest, I thought I’d provide everyone a little bit of info as to exactly what Divinity’s sequel will entail.

Spoiler Alert for those who have not finished Divinity, read no further!!!

Q: What can we expect from Giovanni and Adalyn in the next adventure.

A: Not much. Their story is over. This story is set in the same reality, during the same time period and many of the plot points from Divinity will directly affect what happens in Damnation, but this is almost a totally new cast with new character development and new obstacles to overcome.

Q: What!? So you’re cutting out your main characters!?

A: Not cutting them out, some of them will make appearances, but it will only be one or two scenes in the story to help further the plot. They’ll pretty much be restricted to cameos.

Q: Your first story was named Divinity, and this one is Damnation… is that any indication of what the tone of the story will be?

A:  Pretty much. I intended for this story to be far darker than the original. This story is going to take you places the first one did not and it will definitely be outside of what people got used to with Divinity. I don’t want to give too much away, but many might not consider the ending a happy one. It will be left open to interpretation.

Q: Will you be using the same cover artist?

A: I hope so. I haven’t officially asked him yet because I don’t want him to start working until I can pay him, but when the time comes, I really would like to see what he comes up with.

Q: Can you give us anything on your main characters?

A: I really don’t want to give too much away, but here’s what I can say.
Main characters:
Piero is a Florentine Soldier during the War of the League of Cognac.
Xaphan was a soldier in the army of the Most High who defected to Lucifer’s forces. She became Lucifer’s general and led his armies against the Most High, fighting a stalemate war of attrition for countless ages.


Q: Divinity featured historical characters, can we expect the same here?

A: To a significantly lesser extent, yes. It takes a lot to research the characters to try to ‘get them right.’ However, you will see appearances by Emperor Charles V, the Pope, and Captain Francesco Ferruccio. How and will remain secret for now though.

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