“Hi Jim,

So I’ve been writing this book series for a few years now and have always gone the indie route publishing. I have about 8 books in the series, all of which have sold well, however everyone is telling me that I should move on and write something new instead of sticking with the same world and characters. Are they right? Should I abandon what I’m working on?

Thanks much,

Hi Mike,

Good question… so I’ve had people say the same thing to me before, but they were more saying that I should abandon the fantasy genre all together and write something… I’m quoting here… ‘people would actually read.’
Honestly, had anyone but this person said that to me, I’d probably be in jail for assault ;)… well probably not, but I wouldn’t have been happy. However this person is just unusually blunt to the point where they put you down without even knowing or intending to.
But I digress… Mike, do you have a solid reader base? Do you want to keep writing these characters? Are you enjoying it? If the answer is yes, then why is this even a question? Suffer the naysayers only as much as you have to. If your books are selling well, people enjoy reading them, and you enjoy writing them, I don’t see what the problem is. Keep on writing my friend! Keeping an audience hooked for 8 books is pretty impressive.
That said, I still think that everyone should breach their comfort zone at some point. Sooner or later, you’re going to get inspired to write new characters and a new story. When that happens, I really think you should pick up that torch and try it out, see where it goes. Who knows, you may have the same success, but for the time being, go ahead and keep writing.

Hope this helps!
What does everyone think? Should Mike stop and write something else or continue?


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Thanks friends!
Catch you on the flip side!


5 Comments on “Too Many Sequels?

  1. Sage advice you’ve given Mike. Write what you enjoy writing. Those who like your work will follow; leave the naysayers behind. The only caveat I would add is if each book in the series or sequel is a stand-alone story, you should be alright; however, if each work is dependent upon the others and each do not give satisfactory endings, the reader will quickly become disenchanted and move on. Much like the old X-Files television series. Watch it every week, no conclusion, no satisfactory endings. That became boring and they lost viewers.

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  2. Can you look at the themes and stories within your current project and doodle around with translating them into a world other than the one you have used for your previous eight books? If ‘everyone’ is your readers and fellow writers, maybe it is worth investigating if you are clinging to the familiar and safe or if your current project will only work as book nine.

    Choosing to keep your existing universe, characters and plot might be right for you. If fear is keeping you from investigating what more you have to say beyond that, maybe it’s worth exploring. Then you know when it is time to move on, you have story ideas to move to.

    End this series when you feel it’s the end, quitting or dragging it on beyond the point of reason isn’t doing your talent justice. You will know when it is right.


  3. Go with what feels right for you, people clearly enjoy the books so why stop and change now? I’d say keep doing what you enjoy x
    I am currently writing a book about my life experiences how do i give it life i currently have the bones (dates facts) but feel that it’s just a series of events how do i make it into a story? Thank you

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  4. You can’t please everyone all the time. If people are reading it, keep writing it. If you love it, even if you decide to write something else, don’t lose touch with it. If you are still enjoying creating that world, you’re probably not finished exploring it.


  5. I agree with what you’ve said. If the books are popular, then you run the risk of alienating those readers if you abandon the series an d start something fresh. It’s a personal matter, as long as you enjoy writing a particular series, and people are reading, there is no problem as far as I can see.


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