: Welcome back to another episode of Character Interviews. Today, we are honored to have a very prestigious guest in our midst. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a warm welcome to General Xaphan.

Xaphan: …

: So General, I know you’re a busy woman, and I appreciate you being here with us today. How are you?

Xaphan: Fine.

: That’s… great… so tell us, what army are you the general of?

Xaphan: That depends on whom you ask. At one time, I was a strategist in the Most High’s army. I was junior only to Saint Michael himself. However, I defected and became the commander of Lucifer’s forces.

: So you became St. Michael’s counterpart?

Xaphan: I suppose you could say that.

: Why did you defect?

Xaphan: Why, isn’t it obvious? Come now, even a feeble-minded mortal should be able to plainly see why!

: Um…?

Xaphan: (Sighs) Your planet, your freedom… it should have been ours. Angels toiled for years to help our master create his vision. We worked, we sacrificed and we struggled. What was our reward for all that? To become subservient to you, a mortal child race.

: Wow… that must have been hard.

Xaphan: It was impossible. That was one final insult that most of us could not suffer. So we rose up. I personally raised the master’s temple and watched it burn to the ground. I would have done a lot more if I’d had the chance.

: I understand you gave the temple inhabitants forewarning, why?

Xaphan: The spilling of angel blood is a terrible waste… even if they were enemies. There is no honor in slaughtering non-combatants. Unfortunately, because of this, Lucifer thought that the attack on the temple was far too bold and ordered us to retreat instead of forcing the master’s remaining forces out.

: I take it that didn’t sit well with you?

Xaphan: I was created for war. Bread to be able to fight if ever needed, Lucifer was not. He was far too cautious. Unfortunately, that decision prolonged the war. We fought for countless eons. So many lives lost…

: I’m sorry to hear that. So what happened next?

Xaphan: The war went on seemingly without end until a small band slipped behind our lines and captured Lucifer. I tried to keep our forces unified, but they panicked when they saw Lucifer in chains and immediately moved on the Celestial Temple once more. I couldn’t stop them… This time, Saint Michael was ready for them. Our army was decimated and scattered to the winds.

: Sounds like the war was over for you.

Xaphan: It was over for Lucifer, but I was not done fighting. Our forced broke off into smaller regiments and became resistance cells, but we were betrayed and hunted down one by one.

: So that’s when you got captured?

Xaphan: Yes… My cell’s position was betrayed and we were surrounded. I ordered my people to stand down and surrendered in return for their lives being spared.

: Well that’s certainly admirable. Especially for a demon…

Xaphan: Wait, what did you just call me? Demon!? I am no demon! How dare you compare me to those foul creatures! Regardless of what side I’m on, I am, as, and forever will be an angel.

: Okay, I see… my apologies…

Xaphan: I suppose you didn’t know the difference…

: So with the war over, what are you planning on doing now?

Xaphan: Nothing is over. Nothing. Just because Saint Michael has declared victory doesn’t mean that I’m done fighting. One way or another… we will rebuild and when we return to the Celestial World… they will pay for what they did to us.

: I see, well good luck with that. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us for an interview. It was much appreciated.

Xaphan: If you’ve gained any insight into why we fought, it was worth my tolerance.

: Well that’s it for us on character interviews and a big thank you to General Xaphan from the soon to be released sequel to Divinity, Damnation. We hope you’ll join us again next time.


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