Damnation is upon us!!!

One more day until release….


A soldier fighting a hopeless war, a broken angel torn between three worlds, and the fate of a nation hanging in the balance.

Piero Lorenzi was used to danger. He’d been a soldier since was old enough to handle a sword, but nothing could have prepared him for the journey to come. As the army helps to evacuate a city being overrun by revolutionaries, Piero happens upon a mysterious young woman lying unconscious in the remains of a destroyed building. This woman holds a dark secret that will lead Piero to gates of Hell itself. Surrounded by enemies waiting in the shadows, he may be forced to make a choice between the nation he fought for his whole life and the one he loves the most.

408 pages
James Harrington
ISBN-13: 978-0692499054
ISBN-10: 0692499059
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Historical

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