Hi Jim,

So I noticed that you’ve given quite a bit of advice on publishing books, but what about scripts? I have a screenplay that I would like to get someone to look at, any thoughts?


Hi Jere,

Oh man, well I admit that you’re having me step way outside of my knowledge area, but as I’ve never turned away anyone up until now, I’ll share what knowledge I do have…

So you have a script, its done, polished, and ready to go? If not, I’d find someone to edit it for you, same as with a book. It needs to look professional before anyone will even glance at it. This should be a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of agents and publishers throwing manuscripts in the garbage because of how poorly they are written.

All right, now that you have your script as professionally written as humanly possible, it’s time to make some hard decisions. Honestly my friend, everyone has a screenplay to sell. EVERYONE! I’ve been to Hollywood and I’ll tell you that what you seen on TV about everyone down to the bus boys having screenplays to sell is 100% true! So you’re going to have a hard time.

Personally my friend, the task ahead of you is an impossible one. Hollywood current considers original scripts and screenplays to be box office poison, that’s why almost every movie you see come out is based off of a book or some other medium. Now, does that mean that there aren’t original stories that come out? No. Many do, but they’re usually not well advertised, don’t do as well at the box office, and are usually left to the indie circuit.

The best advice I can offer you is to rewrite your screenplay as a novel. Turn it into a book and then publish that book. Get a decent readership, then look for an agent and see about the screenplay. Will it be hard work? Yes. Will you most likely flop and never see your creation on screen? You have to be prepared for that reality. You stand a better chance of getting drafted into the NBA, honestly, but I really think that this is the route you want to take.

If you decide not to or that it’s not really your thing, the other recommendation I might offer is to get in good with an indie director/studio and go from there. You stand a lot better chance getting your film made.

Hope this helps, take it for what it’s worth.


I’ll also open this one up to the floor, hopefully one of my readers has a touch more experience navigating these waters.


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Thanks friends!
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2 Comments on “Scripting??

  1. Hi, Jim, my advice is the same as yours. I have a friend, a very talented writer, who had a screen play that did nothing so he has rewritten it in the form of a novel with the hope that he can get some traction and more people to look at it. Hollywood is risk averse, so it is not surprising that they look for hits (in terms of novels etc), then cut a deal for movie but also hire someone of their own to write the screenplay in conformance with their predictable paradigmatic structure. A good book on screenplay writing is SAVE THE CAT, but I think the chance of getting a screenplay made into a movie is zero, and getting a hit book, well who knows. It’s not always about talent or the quality of the idea either. It has also to do with timing and the markets. Another idea might be to contact an actor, such as a fading star who has connections, if there is the perfect role for this actor in it to reignite his career.

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