Ugh! It’s so difficult to keep up on my blog while working on my book. I’m not even kidding!

That said… we do have an update! First off, I’d like to give a special shout out to a truly skilled writer that has taken on the dubious task of editing my book, you all know him as Eric, or Eric79. Eric has been a great help and, though we’re an Ocean apart, I’ve come to call him friend. So thanks for all your help Eric, your edits have turned a good story (your critique) into something that I’m hoping my readers will find great.

Another piece of good news on the development front is that we’ve found and hired a new illustrator to take on the cover, Jabari Weathers. Some of his dark imagery caught my eye and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. He has been both understanding a very professional.

The book is slated for an April 2nd release date, but we’ll see if we can keep to that.

Synopsis reminder:
“A starved child, an assassinated soviet soldier, a woman abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong, a victim of history’s most mysterious killer, and a young man who never asked to be thrown into the middle of a spiritual war.

They reside in the shadows and other dark places, waiting for those who would inflict pain and suffering on the innocent. An unlikely group, with one thing in common; death. Each with powers that reflect the way they died. Corban found himself thrust into the fray with this group of anti-heroes.

Cursed with unstable powers stemming from a fatal demonic possession, Corban must unravel the mystery behind his death. As more information comes to light, Corban begins to realize that nothing in his life was what it appeared to be and the price of victory may be his own soul.”


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Thanks friends!
Catch you on the flip side!


4 Comments on “Soul Siphon Update!

    • It is I’ve almost finished it and I’m on the edge of my seat. The only problem being it takes longer to read a book when you are editing it.


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