Hello Mr. Harrington,

I saw on one of your posts that you take questions. So here it is, how important is it to publishers that you have a blog with a lot of followers and how many followers do they want to see. Right now, I don’t see myself devoting time to acquiring followers. It seems very time consuming and I’d rather use that time to write my novel. Thank you for your time. I hope all is well.

Hi Marc,

On a scale of 1-10, ten being THE most important, and 1 being least… I’d say 1.5 at best. Publishers don’t typically look at blogs, at least not public ones. For example, if you have a blog for your local newspaper, it falls under their domain, and you’re paid to write for them, that’s huge! That’s definitely something you’ll want them to look at. However from my experience, when it comes to blogs like wordpress, given that anyone can get one, I’d say it makes very little difference at all. This is from my experience anyway. Publishing agents and publishers don’t really care all that much. They are more interested in things like articles you’ve had published, or other book publications.

Hope this helps.

Readers, how important do you think blogs are in getting your work published?


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Thanks friends!
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2 Comments on “Blogs of Importance

  1. Sorry but some do and require the author to have an online presents. You could always blog about writing your bog. I find blogging improves my writing if not my spelling!


  2. I thought of publishing but decided to hold off or not at all. I’m retired but my attention span.. well I’m already starting to drift. That’s why my poems tend to be short. Thanks for stopping by to my blog, “Michael’s Lair”


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