Honestly, I keep finding more and more music to listen to. This next batch is from a band I recently came across in my search for writing music. That’s music which I listen to when I write. Not music I write…

Let’s just move on…

So today’s inspiration comes from a band that has been with us for some time (and somehow I just found out about…) Freedom Call.

I know many Metalheads consider these guys somewhat cheesy and granted, they do sounds like an 80s hair Metal band, but it’s still Epic music.

The first song, Warriors, has one of the liveliest chorus lines I’ve ever heard in my life:

The second song definitely sounds like what I was talking about. In fact every time I listen to it, my wife starts singing ‘The Final Countdown.’ *Rolls eyes*

Finally we get to the song that first turned me on to these guys in the first place

I love this song, love the vocals, the piano… everything!!! Give them a listen, and enjoy being taken on an adventure!


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Thanks friends!
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2 Comments on “MORE Inspirational Music

  1. Very good music choice for a more tongue in cheek kind of fantasy! After hours of listening to medieval reproductions and Landsknecht camp songs and filk productions of Kipling poems, these are both a refreshing change of pace.
    Though, for a more serious tone and a slight reduction of ‘Hair Metal’, have you considered Sabaton’s newer songs? Their last couple of albums have some really good ones: ‘The Last Stand’ has a very epic chorus, and no annoying screamo.


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