This is it people, the final full week of development on the book before everything goes to the publisher. With any luck, the April 1st release date will actually become a reality… though I’ve never not had to postpone a release, fingers crossed this time!

I’ve seen the development of the cover and I can’t wait to share it with you all. The promo posters are complete, I’m working on getting those printed up and will hopefully have them available at Pax East and Boston Comic Con. The edits to the book are nearing completion (3 chapters to go!), and I’m excited to finally file this one under done. As I’ve said before, Soul Siphon is a major departure from anything that I’ve written before, so I can’t wait to see what you all think! Once again, all I ask is that if you buy the book, PLEASE leave a review for it on the site you bought it from (assuming you bought it online.)

So if you’re into action packed stories that mix in a little bit of horror and romance, Soul Siphon should be the book for you. It is a non-stop ride that was a real joy to write!

Page Count: 518
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Superhero

A starved child, an assassinated soviet soldier, a woman abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong, a victim of history’s most mysterious killer, and a young man who never asked to be thrown into the middle of a spiritual war.

They reside in the shadows and other dark places, waiting for those who would inflict pain and suffering on the innocent. An unlikely group, with one thing in common; death. Each with powers that reflect the way they died. Corban found himself thrust into the fray with this group of anti-heroes.

Cursed with unstable powers stemming from a fatal demonic possession, Corban must unravel the mystery behind his death. As more information comes to light, Corban begins to realize that nothing in his life was what it appeared to be and the price of victory may be his own soul.

Other updates:
We have an illustrator currently working on the cover. It should look amazing when its done!


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13 Comments on “Soul Siphon Update

  1. Having read all but the last two chapters I have to say it’s your best one yet, (unless then ending is rubbish – hoping it’s not). It’s a shame I cant write a review! I’m quite excited to see the cover.

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  2. I’ll admit, I struggle with the concept of ‘dead’ characters pursuing justice/action adventure being a backdrop to potential romance…but then, I guess at my age, romance has so much stacked against it, it is improbable in real life as much as it is in fiction. That said, I’d be interested to see how a male writer includes romance in an otherworldly adventure. Keep us posted on release dates.

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