… I don’t want to post this. I REALLY don’t want to post this. As all of you know, a lot of my writing advice and posts lately have been about the realities and forms of evil.

Well if you remember yesterday, I posted about just how rare true evil actually was, and how sometimes even the most evil people believe that what they’re doing is for the greater good…

This isn’t one of those times. This is one of the other times I referred to, a complete and utter breach of everything moral and ethical, a violation of taboo, and… I really can’t say anything else.

To anyone who knows who he is, Sargon of Akkad is a fairly prolific Youtuber who does a great deal of political/social commentary. He’s far from unbiased, I’ll admit, but he does a fairly good job of going after both sides of the aisle and as such, is one of many commentators on both sides of the isle that I’ve come to heed and respect.

The video below is 30 minutes long, but I implore everyone to watch it. Headphones if not in private… and for the love of God, do not watch at work!!! There is nothing illegal here, I promise, but it is still horribly disturbing.


Additional reading…

Madeleine Mcann

Jeffrey Epstein Recently-Freed 

Bill Clinton, Lolita Express

Potential Donald Trump Connection

Belgium Sex Ring Ignored

UN Trafficking Cover up. 

BBC Pedo Ring Ignored… Whistle-blower murdered. 

Sir Jimmy Savile

Hollywood Sex Ring

Which is Nothing New…

I’m going to stop now as my hands are pretty much shaking as it is. I’m sorry to post this so near to Christmas, which is supposed to be a time of joy for all… but honestly… you all know what I’m about, you all know that children are my #1 when it comes to philanthropy and life. So things like this… I honestly don’t know what to say except that if you ever need an example of true/pure evil… google ‘Child Sex Trafficking.’ You’ll find what you’re looking for… though you’ll probably regret it.

We’ve all heard a story here and a story there, but most of the stuff you can read or listen to above, most of the world, especially the voters, will never hear about because the media either glosses over it or covers the whole damn thing up.

To my readers, I ask the following…

  1. Do NOT hit the like button. Please. Leave a comment if you feel so inclined, but please do not ‘like’ it.
  2. Share it, spread it around, put it on Facebook, reblog it, social media the heck out of this. Make it go viral. Everyone needs to know about what the mainstream media will not report on. We need to know about the people who give us our news and the people leading our countries. Don’t let this fall by the wayside.


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2 Comments on “The Reality of Child Sex Trafficking Rings…

  1. I feel exactly the same way. Evil is not a powerful enough word. Is there a term for evil so vile it’s difficult to comprehend? If not then there should be. Excellent post. I truly wish there was not a need for it.


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