A lot of writers have a playlist of music to help them write and I am no exception. The tempo and mood of the music help them describe and convey emotion as we write what we hear. The lyrics guide us on the direction of the plot, the chorus gives us strength to continue, and the changeup inspires the story climax!

With this in mind, I often share new music that I’ve added to my playlist with my readers and fellow writers.

But Jim, aren’t you worried that someone will come up with the same ideas that you do?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHHHH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ah… no! I’d actually be very disturbed if someone else was able to conjure up the same stuff that goes on in my head.

Okay, on topic.

Having listened to pretty much all of the bands I love pretty much to death and unable to find any new bands really bringing anything to the table in terms of metal… I heard the song ‘Crawling’ on the radio and decided to see what Linkin Park, a band I’d listened to throughout middle school and part of High School, had done recently…

… I think I need to reacquaint myself with this old friend.

Linkin Park, you almost never disappoint!


I said almost never!! Sigh…

The video is beautifully choreographed, the background music and beat sound like something out of Tron Legacy (Yes, I am one of the 49% that love Tron Legacy), the singing is spot on. It’s actually a very mild sound for someone known for far more rough vocals. The harmony, my God the harmony was spot on.

This song has been added to my writing playlist. A true rarity for non-metal music, but as most metalheads do, I have a few exceptions. Happy to have this as one, and I recommend everyone add it who likes rock music!


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