Got a request to recommend a good ‘rock opera’ song. Really it doesn’t get any better than Avantasia and in particular this song! The Great Mystery has everything; chorus, amazing instrumentals, guest performance by metal legend Bob Catley from Magnum… oh yeah! This has to be on my list!

When to listen:  I’ll give you a hint, skip to 9:19. Then picture your favorite Disney animated classic. Yeah, this is an ending song. When you’re ready to close up your story, THE INTENSE ENERGY at the end of this song is what you want!


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5 Comments on “From My Writing Playlist

  1. Such an excellent pick, James. The main vocalist is awesome, but the choir kicks each of the compositions up a notch.
    I haven’t found much in the way of music with a rock opera vibe at Jamendo as yet. Probably the closest are the two releases by Paul Lisak & The Ice which have a bit of a Muse feel to them. Brazilian rock band Golden Duck Orchestra is okay as well, but it has a slightly different vibe. Sadly, I will have to keep searching the massive catalogue on Jamendo until I find something that comes even close to the compositions of Avantasia.

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    • I have, love that one. I like Bob Catley’s singing, but I’m actually a bigger fan of Jorn Lande’s. He also sings with Avantasia on multiple tracks. Wicked Symphony was awesome, but I was a bigger fan of ‘The Mystery of Time.’

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      • I’m a huge Symphony X fan and Russell Allen. I just saw them live a couple months ago. Have you listened to the Jorn/Allen albums? They are pretty solid.


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