For the record, I didn’t want to do this review, but I’ve had a few people email me and ask me for my opinion on it based on my Orville review… so apparently my input into this show is not voluntary.

I finally got to watch the pilot in its entirety last night. My wife just cancelled her All Access subscription because… well there’s nothing of interest on there… but I still had about a week left.

Let me preface this whole thing by saying that my fandom of Star Trek is akin to an on-again-off-again romance. There are things about it I love (TOS, TNG Season 2 onward, etc.), and there are things I don’t (Last Season of Enterprise, first four seasons of DS9… the Bajorans in general, etc.)

I started out on Wrath of Khan and went from there. I loved it and got hooked. So I am a fan, but not a super fan. Even so, I really wanted to like this show. I know I’ve posted criticisms before, but I really wanted this show to be good… like really badly.

Sadly… my overall impression of the show from the start was dead on. Most of the characters we meet are cardboard cutouts of actual characters. There was little to no development, and even the conversations were nothing like what real people would say to one another.

So what was wrong with it? Well first, let’s talk about Michael…

She was a human raised by Sarek after her parents were killed by Klingons. Though human, she at first acts like a vulcan,  but as the show progressed, that quickly changed. However… the fact that she is the lead character is extremely concerning…

I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about Michael… because frankly… she makes every stupid decision you could make. She should have taken a page out of George Castanza’s book and done the opposite of what she thought was right.
When you boil it down to the bare bones, she is the reason everybody gets killed. Her decisions and her… almost desire to fight the Klingons is what started the whole thing. Every decision, every action she made can directly be attributed to the deaths of literally thousands of people.
I’m sorry, it’ll be a shark-jumping moment if she ever gets her own command. That she’s actually going to be an officer on another ship has frankly breached my suspension of disbelief.
She has absolutely no common sense what so ever. The writers really fucked up here, because frankly, she’s completely unlikable. So honestly, her being sent off to prison after being convicted of several crimes is an excellent closer. You don’t really need to watch anything else.

I’d comment on the other characters individually, but frankly… they almost all died. So screw it.

The sets…

Obviously a lot of money is spent on visuals in this show. It’s impressive… but for one, it doesn’t fit the time period, two it’s sensory overload. There was literally too much in each frame and each shot. It was waaaaay too much. Honestly the sets just looked like something out of Abrams JJ-verse. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if it took place there, but it didn’t.

The Klingons…

These are not Klingons… I’m sorry, they’re not. Visually, they were so displeasing that I couldn’t stand to look at them for long. I found myself looking away when they were on screen. The Klingon language was tooth-grindingly bad…

The religion they came up with for the Klingons didn’t fit either… Klingons view dead bodies as empty shells after they let out there death roar. They didn’t embalm them nor did they have any sort of ritualistic funeral ceremony. It was one loud cry that was it.

So yeah… I can’t stand them…

The ships…

Okay, the Federation ships I could kind of see because they look like Star fleet though they look like Star fleet from a much much more futuristic time. They actually look like they’d be right at home in Star Trek Online which takes place post-nemesis. The Klingon ships however were thoroughly unrecognizable. They don’t match up with Enterprise or the original series… or anything else for that matter. They look like Kilrathi ships from Wing Commander.

The story…

The story was dull and unimpressive. Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. Nothing was reasonable, nothing was relate-able, and worst of all, nothing was believable. It was a paper thin premise cloaked in effects, nothing more.

In short… I hated it. I’m not going to pay for CBS Access on the off chance that they’re going to improve things somewhere down the line. My suspension of disbelief has been breached. I’m done with this.

But Jim, if it’s so bad… how do you explain the good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes?

First of all, I’ve always found the audience scores to be far more telling. Secondly, I’ll explain them the same way the Ghostbusters 2016 reviews were. Given what this show was played up to be by Bryan Fuller, the politics that surround it, the agenda behind it, etc. The critics are far too spineless in this case. No one wants to be the critic who gives the show a bad review, because they don’t want to be at the forefront of the blow back that would result.
That’s not just a theory either. Go read their reviews, they go into detail about several of the flaws in the show, but they stop short of coming out and calling it bad. You can tell they’re trying to dance around it.

This isn’t Star Trek. I know it’s just my opinion, but I’m right here. This isn’t Gene’s original philosophy or views. This isn’t anything that anyone wanted to see. It could have easily worked had it been post-nemesis, but that’s not what happened. I don’t have any expectations for this show because frankly, I do not care. The opening was terrible and I’m out. I’m not paying to see what happened.

As far as I’m concerned it was a complete story, a rogue, incompetent, officer get’s a ton of people killed, she get’s court-martialed and locked up. I’m satisfied with that.

Anyway, what do you all think of the show? Was it good/bad/Do you not care? Let me know.


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22 Comments on “Star Trek Discovery… Review…

  1. I’m a big Star Trek fan and was debating on checking it out, but I really don’t expect it to be any good and I haven’t seen the episode yet. The shows have been hit-or-miss historically — I think TNG was almost canceled in its early days if I remember correctly. Maybe I’ll binge this at some point but I doubt I’ll like it much.


    • That’s true, the first season of TNG is barely watchable and is party to the worst episode in Star Trek history (A Matter of Honor). However as bad as it was, it is nowhere near this bad.


      • Ouch! Sounds like a flop haha. The original series has its rough moments as well; I seem to remember a certain fight between Kirk and a green monster that was painful to watch.


  2. I think you nailed it on all counts. This show felt nothing like Star Trek in any way. I found myself drawn away from the whole episode. There was no crew member that engaged the audience to learn more about their world. Don’t get me started on the things they tried to pass as Klingons. I found the whole experience dissatisfying.


    • I just really thought the characters were beyond stupid. When I first watched it, very early on, you see the ship inspecting a communications relay that had a massive hole in it with singe marks around it.
      They’re all standing around looking at it trying to figure out what happened. I was like “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK HAPPENED!? ARE YOU NOT SEEING THIS!? SOMEONE SHOT AT IT!!!!”
      Apparently I wasn’t the only one who did this… Check out the Midnight’s Edge video on YouTube.

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  3. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about Michael… because frankly… she makes every stupid decision you could make.” LOL, Enough said. I’d really like to see another TNG, Enterprise (as much as I did enjoy T’Pol)–wasn’t it. I don’t think I can stomach the disappointment (the movies are definitely NOT doing it for me), so I’ll take your word for it.


  4. I was going to watch this show because STAR TREK. But after reading your review, I think I’ll spend my time catching up on other TV shows instead.


    • I felt the Enterprise had its moments, the third season was definitely the best one though when they were basically doing small mini series in Rapid succession and tackled the construction of the Federation.


  5. You don’t like the Bajorans! That makes you a racist, I will start on online campaign to expose your appalling views. The first thing I need to do is start a crowdfunding page to pay for a ticket to Boston so I can picket your house. Could you recommend a nice a hotel?

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  6. My husband started watching The Orville and really liked it. I watched the third episode with him on Hulu, and I think it’s hilarious! It’s Star Trek with Seth McFarlane humor. We watched the pilot episode together, and we were both like, “Meh. That was really disappointing.”


  7. Seth MacFlarane had better send CBS a big bouquet or something to show his undying gratitude. His show looks better after STD – and Orville has terrible humour.


    • This is true, I’m not a fan of McFarlane’s juvenile humor, however I’ve found his show to be far more cerebral than anything on Discovery. If you can get past the bad jokes, it’s actually a really good show.


  8. Way too dark for me. It’s deff not Star Trek, that’s for sure, it leaves me cold. As for Micheal – she is good in The Walking Dead but in Discovery her character is ridiculous. For a Sci-fi it’s watchable but there’s no connection to the true essence of Star Trek whatsoever…one very disappointed Trekkie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly I haven’t. I might be tempted to go back and watch it at some point… maybe binge it on the free trial, but I’m not shelling out for another streaming service. I have three already and it’s starting to feel like the price of cable again.

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