Hi Jim,

I wanted to ask you about one of your characters. I’m working on my own YA series and finished reading Magnifica a while ago. You mention in the book that Lia’na doesn’t age as fast as Toby. If they survive, she’ll roughly be the elven equivalent of a human’s late 40s when he dies.

I really think that if you leave the option open for one of your characters to remarry after the hero dies of old age. I was hoping to get your thoughts on this one. Would Lia’na remarry after Toby dies or would she remain celibate? I’m writing about an Elven/Human relationship where a guy meets an elven woman, so I’m in a similar boat.


Hi Liam,

I see we have a traditionalist in our midst. Well, truth be told, I agree with you. It becomes especially more difficult if you believe in an afterlife, which I established the existence of in Magnifica. This is probably why some religions only recognize the first marriage. After all parties have passed on to the next life, what happens?

Okay, I’m going to just say this before proceeding further… There will be spoilers for Magnifica, so if you’re planning on reading it, skipping over this post might not be a bad idea. I’m going to keep it minimal but consider yourselves warned. 

If Lia’na did remarry, who would she go to after she died? Technically you could argue that she could do whatever she wanted because ’till death do us part’. However, I always got the impression that most people tend to ignore that part. My wife and I never said anything of the sort when we were married.

So she’s married to two different souls, now what, three-way? Are we to believe that all three live together in harmony? I guess if you’re into that, that’s fine, but what if not? Then Lia’na would have to choose; Toby or the other guy.

I’ve known widows who have remarried and basically said that, ‘I’m with you here, but when we die, that’s it (no, I’m not kidding).’ I guess that’s part of the reason why I never dated a widow. Their heart always partially belonged elsewhere.

I think Lord of the Rings kind of came up with a clever way out for elves in that they can die of grief, though it may take time. So while Arwen would outlive Aragorn, it wouldn’t be forever.
However, to answer your question, I’ve been trying to piece together a distant sequel to the Magnifica series for a long time, and while so far none are anywhere near anything I want to publish, they all have a similar theme; Lia’na lived to a ripe old age, happy but lonely, and when death came, she welcomed it. The main characters always remember her saying, “I’m coming ta arshana…” (my love)

I mean personally, I don’t see an issue with someone seeking companionship after their loved one dies. When you’ve lived with someone for so long, the idea of going back to being on your own again can be daunting and, in some cases, near impossible. However, at least IMHO, when an elf and a human married, the understanding was that when the human passed, the elf would either live on celibacy, or could seek out another mate, but their heart and soul belonged forever bound to the first one.

At least that’s how I look at it.

However, that’s just me. Readers, how would you handle this? Also… is there any good elf/human romance stories out there? I’ve been looking for a good long time, but never found any that weren’t from the perspective of a human woman. I’d be interested in it from a human male and elven female, but Lord of the Rings seems to be the only one. Kind of strange. Leave your recommendations below!


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2 Comments on “Age Compatability in Characters (MAGNIFICA SPOILER WARNING!!)

  1. I must say I share your opinion regarding the problem of remarriage after the loved one’s death. It seems only natural that the living being should continue his/her/its life so long as she/he/it has it.
    Also, I might know of a series other than the Lord of the Rings that illustrates this bonding between a mortal and a eternal magical being. It’s not exactly the human-elf relation, but a human-fae relation. Still, I imagine them to be somewhat similar so I suppose the case applies. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about Sarah J Maas’s series A Court of Thorns and Roses. I found it a really good read!

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