Hi Jim,

This may seem kind of stupid, but you talk about music inspiring and motivating you to write. Can you recommend one album, that if you listened to nothing else, that one album would suffice?


Hi Lonnie,

For the record, I don’t like being pinned to one album, genre, or anything I listen to what works for me from one minute to the next. However, since you asked… in my personal opinion, the best album out of my entire repertoire is one that came out about 7 years ago.

Within Temptation – The Unforgiving.

This album… I was worried when it came out. Within Temptation always had a very gothic style to it. This changed to a more speed-based, action style for the band when I heard the first few songs…

However, the style works for them. It’s a change that was actually very well received and may have prolonged the life of the band while others like Nightwish have really struggled to find their identity after such a long run. From being hesitantly optimistic, I can now say that this is easily the best album in my entire collection. Almost the entire CD is a hit and the story in the background is actually pretty awesome. This CD has helped me write several books and really picked me up when I was suffering fatigue or writer’s block. It’s definitely worth a listen.


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


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