Hi Jim,

I was wondering if you could describe your dragons in a little bit greater detail. Are they like the dragons from the Hobbit or Game of Thrones, or are they something else altogether? I’m really fascinated by dragon lore and wanted to get your take on them.


Hello Nick,

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of the design from Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. They make their anatomy out to be more like bats where the wings are connected to their arms. I don’t like that.

So let’s start with their basic anatomy. My dragons are what I’d call ‘omipedal’. What I mean by that is simply that they can walk either upright on their hind legs or on all four. Though I should note that as more generations of dragons are born on Earth, they’ve become more and more bipedal.

In terms of their general anatomy, dragons range in maximum mass from the size of the average human to the size of a three-story building. They have fairly long necks, four legs with claws on the end that function both as feet and claws. They have two additional limbs that are exclusively wings, somewhat more like angels.

So what about their faces?

Well, let’s take a look…


They have manes, usually black or silver. Their eyes are typically wide and two-toned. The older generation on Earth possess eyes that typically yellow and red…

Drakin-Cover-Poster-Final (1)

However, the colors tend to soften as the later generations are born. They all have sharp, jagged horns from their head and their scales range in color from black to yellow, to gray, to red.

What I think separates my dragons from the standard fare is that they’re incredibly intelligent, and I mean more so than humans. The dragons of the Drakin universe possess limited telepathic abilities and they learn Terran languages just by hearing a few syllables. While many series have dragons that can speak and deal with complex issues, I think adding ones that are actually more intelligent than humans is fairly rare.

Their scales are tough, though again, they get smoother as the generations go on. Even so, at full maturity, they are impervious to conventional weapons. Their shapes and sizes are very different, depending on the dragon themselves. Some are very spikey where others resemble that of al alligator.

Anyway, I hope this helps give you an idea of what my dragons look like. Hopefully, it’ll give you some temptation to read the sequel when it comes out in another couple of months!


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