I know… I know, I’m not supposed to like Episode 1… well I do, so deal with it.

When to Listen:  This is some of the best fight music I’ve ever heard. Seriously, use this when writing a climactic combat scene.


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3 Comments on “From My Writing Playlist

  1. OK, I am one of those prequel (and sequel) haters, BUT Episode I was not that bad compared to the others. Metachlorins being the major offense. Dual of Fates was indeed epic fight music as well.

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    • I respect your opinion. I just feel like Episodes 1 and 3 had too much going for them to call them bad and the bad was far outweighed by the good.
      Episode 2 was boring, but for one saving grace; Christopher Lee as a sith lord.
      Episode 3, IMHO awesome. I actually enjoyed it more than A New Hope.


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