Hi Jim, 

I finished reading through Drakin: The Story of Raiya and just finished The Orphans of Haven. Throughout both books, you seem to allude to the idea of an interspecies relationship between a dragon and a human. I was just curious if you could elaborate on how that would work? Your dragons sound very similar to the dragons in most fairy tales, and I’m not sure how such a relationship would work given how biologically different humans are from dragons. I hope you don’t take this as a criticism, I’m just really getting into the story and was curious about that. 


Thanks, Neil!

First of all, let me just say that I am absolutely humbled by the positive response that Drakin seems to be getting! I’m glad everyone likes it!

So let’s tackle your question. I think I may have addressed the issue before, but let’s go through it again as I can’t really find the original post. Well… I suppose I should have expected something like this when I crossed from straight fantasy over into Science Fiction/ Fantasy. Sci Fi fans tend to be a lot more technical and detail-oriented. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, just something I’ve observed.

Though I don’t necessarily know whether this spoils anything, I’ll put a SPOILER ALERT here just in case!

All right, well truth be told, on a physical level… it probably can’t work, at least not in the time Orphans of Haven takes place. However, there are a few things we need to consider here. First of all, these are not ‘normal’ dragons like what you’d read about in fairy tales. I wanted to make them resemble fantasy dragons, but the fact is that these are actually extra-terrestrial creatures. They don’t even call themselves dragons. Their species’ official name is ‘Drakeas’. They simply adopt the human term ‘dragon’ because people refer to them that way often.

Because of this, my dragons are not bound to the same rules as other creatures on Earth. They are reptilian, but they are very unique. In terms of their mating practices… I don’t really get into this much in the novels… or at least I haven’t yet, but essentially the biological act is similar to that of a turtle. They mate, the female is impregnated and then lays one to three eggs at a time. One copulation can usually result in 2-3 litters. Dragons also have a very quick recovery and can become fertile again in a matter of a few months, which is why the dragon population springs up on Earth so quickly.

So to be honest… while I suppose a dragon and human could have intercourse, assuming that they’re the same size, there’s no way offspring could be produced. They’re just too biologically different. Raiya was simply a genetic accident that was a completely freak occurrence.

So what about Dragon’s Bane? 

That’s obviously another problem. Dragon blood, if it comes into contact with human blood, can be lethal. However, humans that have been inoculated against the infection are unlikely to be at risk so there’s little danger there.

All this being said, there are other factors we have to consider… First and foremost, Earth is not the Homeworld dragonkind. It’s been theorized by many sci fi writers, which I happen to agree with, that if a species migrates to another planet, they will eventually develop traits and features that will help them survive on that planet. As a result, it’s unlikely that they’ll resemble their homeworld or ‘prime’ brethren for long.

We begin to see the problems in Raiya’s story. Dragons are having trouble adapting to our atmosphere and our yellow sun. Our air is richer in Nitrogen than they’re used to and some do not survive.

By the time the Orphans of Haven takes place, at least eight generations exist on our planet. By the third or fourth generation, we see changes taking place. Dragons are smaller, their skin is softer, their main is actual hair instead of spines, and even their eyes look different. They’ve basically been forced to evolve to survive in what was considered a hostile environment.

Now, does this mean that they can produce offspring? I’d still say no. Will it be possible someday? Maybe…?

Now, let’s tackle the subject of physical attraction… can a human be attracted to another species that isn’t even in the same class, without it being considered bestiality. (I can’t believe I’m actually addressing this…)

Personally, I don’t consider the idea bestiality because… well dragons are sentient creatures, possessing an intelligence and awareness level that’s actually superior to humans. They also alternate between bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion. Despite being physically very different from humans, the fact that they are intellectually on our level negates it being bestiality. We see several stories where humans mate with everything from elves, centaurs, minotaurs, merfolk, demons, aliens, etc. etc. So why not dragons?

So to answer your question, it is possible for a dragon and a human to have a relationship, though it would likely be more affectionate and emotional than anything potentially physical. No offspring would be possible, at least not yet. It may be possible someday, but even when dragons have fully adapted to Earth, it would likely require genetical manipulation.

Thank you so much for your question! I hope you got the answer you wanted or at least understand a little bit better the nature of interspecies relationships in this particular universe. Please don’t hesitate to message me again or leave your thoughts below!


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