The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that in order for a copyright owner to enforce protection for their work and sue for infringement… the infringed work must have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office (i.e., Issuance of a Certificate) and that a mere application for registration will not suffice.

How the ruling affects all self-published authors and creators.

The ruling makes it even more imperative that copyright owners register their works promptly if they wish to enforce their rights — on top of the already considerable financial incentives that a U.S. copyright provides for registered works, including recovery of attorney fees and up to $150,000 in statutory damages for early registrations. Since it may take up to 9+ months to receive a certificate of registration, an author or creator of books, photos, illustrations, audio or video should immediately start the registration process — even before it is published.

While expedited registration remains available to copyright claimants for a fee, the Court’s new ruling is most likely to impact copyright holders for whom a delay of even a few weeks in bringing suit could prove irreparable — particularly those seeking temporary restraining orders or other preliminary injunctive relief.

CopyrightsNow™ provides a quick and easy way to register copyrights with the U. S. Copyright Office. It is a D-I-Y Mobile App (for iPhone, iPad and Android) and Desktop Browser App (for Windows and Mac) available from Bowker that enables authors and publishers to register their copyrights in about 5-minutes.

If you own the copyright on your work, do yourself a favor and spend the $40 to have it registered. It really is the best way to protect yourself.


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