Hi Jim,

I just finished reading the Drakin: Orphans of Haven, I’m just curious why you didn’t have Raiya and Jagger play a bigger role? Did you not like those characters as much? They went from being your center stage to being off to the side. You probably could have written them out and it wouldn’t have made a whole ton of difference. I don’t mean to criticize, because I actually liked the story. I’m just a little disappointed that it wasn’t more of a direct sequel.


Hi Eric,

No problem, thank you for the question. The quick answer really is that direct sequels aren’t really my schtick. I don’t like the idea of a story after ‘happily ever after’. I’ve always struggled to write a series where it continuously follows the same characters without feeling like I’m rehashing things. Instead, I much prefer writing stories where I can build a whole world around various casts of characters with different plots and personalities. It gives me more freedom to explore new aspects and flesh everything out for the overall story in the series.

As for why Raiya and Jagger only made a brief appearance, it’s because they weren’t essential to the story. I bring back characters as a sort of treat so the audience can see how they’re doing, perhaps point the new cast in the right direction, and then move on with whatever they’re doing.

I am glad you liked the stories though. Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the next one!




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