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So I wanted to do a quick FAQ about the new story, because my inbox is already getting some questions about the who, what, why, how, etc. etc. about the new book.

So let’s take them one at a time, and try to cover what we can without spoiling anything.

  1. Does this story take place in the same area? Is the UPW doing well?
    The UPW is not only doing well, but it’s also thriving. However, they are not the focal point of the new novel. Since the focus of the first two novels has mostly sat with the Western Coalition and its progeny, I wanted to focus on one of the other factions. The Western Coalition and the UPW had already taken their fair share of a beating throughout the novels, so it was time to move and let them prosper.
    This left me with a few options. The Western Coalition, dragons, and the U.S. Remnant became one, the Western Nomadic clans were absorbed into that as well, by the time this novel takes place, the canbans have all been wiped out. So that leaves us with the dragon faction of the East, the Eastern Coalition, and the Indian Liberation, which I don’t think I’ve ever really touched on before.
    So now we’re going to be dealing with the problems that are still plaguing the Eastern Coalition.
  2. Will any of the characters from the previous novels make appearances?
    I get this question every time I deal in sequels. The answer is… maybe? Keep in mind, this is going to be 200 years after the border incident that ended the Exclusion Zone. So mostly we’re going to get honorable mentions for the casts of the other novels… however, keep in mind, we don’t know how old the new breed of dragons on Earth lives. So who knows? Maybe we’ll see someone, maybe not.
  3. Will your novels continue to cover racial bigotry and segregation, using the dragons as an allegory?
    … Honestly, any similarity to the events of today or history are purely coincidental. I’m happy you draw those conclusions if that’s what you got from my books, but in all honesty, my goals when writing are to tell a good story that people might enjoy reading. I really don’t attempt to deliver a message of anything other than hope and enjoyment.
  4. Can you tell us anything about the characters?
    I get this question all the time, too…
    All right, let’s go through the characters with as little detail (AND NO SPOILERS AS POSSIBLE!!)
    Nayeli: A scavenger hiding out in the ruins of London. She escaped the Imperial advance in the east and became a refugee. She spends her time selling tools such as weapons and armor that she collects from old battlefields.

    Joaquim: A former Imperial Pilot. An encounter at Pleven ended his career, forcing him to desert. Few outside of the Imperial command structure knows what happened there. He hides with Nayeli among the London ruins.

    Alexei: An Imperial Loyalist and squad commander in the Imperial Navy. His love for the Empire is matched only by his unquestioned love of the Majko.

    Changwei Kaori: A wayward and somewhat naive Imperial Princess. She has never gotten along with the other members of her family, including her mother. Her strained relationship stems from the young and immature age of her mother at her birth. She lives on the outskirts of the capital, as far from her mother’s grasp as possible. She has been known to ditch her guards and go into the local community incognito.

    Changwei Fei: Crowned Majko of the Eastern Empire. The youngest ruler of the Eastern Empire. Despite this, she commands both fear and respect from throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. Though not a stern ruler, she fears the resurgence of the Red War.

  5. How long will the new book be?
    Presently, it’s about 720 pages for softcover and 520 for hardcover.
  6. Do you have any idea of pricing?
    I don’t think it’ll be too much different from the other books. I do try to keep the prices as uniform and affordable as possible. Keep in mind, if you buy a hard copy, you also get a digital copy for free.


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