I have a question, not specifically aimed towards your writing but about
writing in general.

As a reader of e-books, I use highlighting on my Kindle and share some standout quotes on Goodreads. I found myself curious: do you, as an author, look at what passages readers highlight?

And, the dabbling writer in me wonders: Would you recommend authors to look at it or not, and why? If yes, is there something an author can learn from it?



P.S.: I hope the third Drakin book will be as fun as the first two!

Hi Tomas,

It really depends on the writer. I personal look at them whenever someone posts them. I like to see what quotes people are going to attribute to my writing and thus, me.

Would I recommend authors look at it? That really depends. Ironically, an author who writes like I do, I probably wouldn’t. I like to do it, but will it affect my writing? Maybe? Probably not. See when I write, I tend not to take recommendations from anyone other than my editors. The reason is that, as much as I love my readers, I don’t write for them. I write for myself. Again, don’t get me wrong, I love my readers and if you don’t like my writing for whatever reason, I’m interested to hear why, but my motivations for writing were never to become famous or earn money. I write my stories because they’re books I’d want to read. I’m always bothered by books that take a turn into a weird direction or blatantly attempts to ‘subvert expectations’ or something like that. There is also a trend to bloat stories with a TON of unnecessary detail that brings the narrative to a screeching halt.

So, simply put, I write for myself and it just happens that other people seem to like it. Now, because I love feedback, I read the quotes that get pulled, but I wouldn’t necessarily encourage other authors with my mindset to do the same. However, other authors that are more about including fan engagement into their writing should absolutely read them. Figure out what quotes the fans like and write to those. In those cases, it’s so important because something about those lines made the reader take the time to pull those quotes as something that moved them.

Anyway, I hope this answers your question! It’s always great to hear from a fan of my writing! Let’s turn it over to the readers. What do you all think? Is there value, as an author, in reading quotes that readers place in Goodreads? Let Tomas and others know in the comments!

Jim H.



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