Hi All,

I wanted to get out ahead of this one because I typically get this question a week or two after publishing one of the Drakin Novels.

“Will there be a sequel?”

My answer so far has always been a yes, but in this case… The answer is a soft ‘no’.

The story has already gone 200 years into the future and I feel like going any further would take us into the full realm of science fiction, where I was trying to keep some realism in the people and places. In short, chronologically, An Empire of Ashes, will likely be the last novel in the timeline. Does that mean we’re done? By no means. Right now, I’m trying to flesh out the next chapter. I have a couple of prequels in mind that I am toying with.

First, I wanted to go back and explore more of Qira’s story and how she dealt with the events following the Orphans of Haven. I was kind of interesting to explore what happens when a dragon imprints on a mate. This would also be a good opportunity for me to delve deeper into dragon evolution and the abilities that Qira and her generation possess that the previous dragons do not.

The second option I’ve been dancing with is going back and doing a full prequel, exploring the Red War. In this story, we’d explore how the world governments fell, how the dragons were able to quickly organize and become a world power in their own right. This option… to be honest… I’m kind of shying away from a little. The Red War was more of a plot device than anything else. My first book took place during the war, but it ended it. The following books explored the aftermath, the bitterness, and the complications of two superior forms of life trying to coexist on the same planet. That was more the spirit of what Drakin was supposed to be about.

Either way, I really want to explore what the world looks like now as a result. So far, we’ve seen much of the Western Hemisphere and the future world, but we never really fully explored how people faired in the years following the war to my satisfaction. So to be completely honest… if/when the next Drakin novel comes out, I think it is a safe bet that it will be around the time of the Orphans of Haven, either before or after. So while there will be no sequels, at least not in the near future, we will have prequel novels coming out. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy An Empire of Ashes!


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2 Comments on “Drakin what’s next? #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

  1. I find 200 years into the future already a big leap. Those who were writing SF in the eighties were still writing as if the Soviets would still be around for the coming centuries. Then the whole Warsaw Pact collapsed almost overnight in 1989. The same kind of writers speculate that the US will still overpower the Chinese in 2050.

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    • Well to be fair, this future is already technically an ‘alternate reality’ as the first chapter of The Story of Raiya takes place in 2018 and then leaps forward 30 years for the Red War.
      So that future at this point is already an acknowledgement of Fantasy.

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