It is with a sad and heavy heart that I announce that Hanna Hymel, the model most of you readers knew as Raiya from one of my books, has unfortunately passed away. She was tragically struck by a train on Tuesday 10/8 of this past week.

I personally did not know Hanna very well, admittedly. Outside of her work for me, we only ever really chatted online and I followed some of her art. She had a real penchant for dark imagery, but could just as easily do some light-hearted pieces as well, including some that one could honestly believe were shot in the 40s.

I doubt any of us are ever truly prepared for such tragedies as if you ever could be. However, it is a far greater loss when it comes to someone so young. Someone who’s life was still just beginning and who’s book was still not even half-written. Now, those pages must forever remain blank, criminally robbed of the amazing story that she would likely have filled them with.

To those she’s left behind, I send my utmost condolences in this unimaginable time of grief. I cannot even begin to fathom the pain you must be experiencing.

Please feel free to like and share this post, whether you knew her, appreciated her artwork, or not. The world should know of the star that we lost.

4 Comments on “In Memory of Hanna Hymel (Raiya)

  1. How incredibly sad, sending positive vibes of healing to those mourning her loss. This definitely serves as a reminder to me, to live each day as it was your last and take time to let those in your life know how very special they are to you xoxo I am so sorry for your loss

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  2. Even though I’ve never heard of her, the fact she’s the face of a book I enjoyed made this emotional for me. May she – and everyone who knew her – find their peace.

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