Hi Jim,

I saw you were answering Drakin questions and thought I’d add my two cents. I was actually wondering why you’re not planning on continuing the story? You indicated that you might go back and write a couple of prequels. I was just wondering why? I’d be interested in seeing more to do with this universe.


Hi Meredith,


Well… that’s the $50k question, isn’t it? I mean what’s left after Joaquim and Nayeli’s story? The UPW is at peace and has become a paradise for humans and dragons. Princess Kaori is now the crowned Majko. Her mother’s policies are quickly becoming undone and dragon rights are being implemented. Qira’s world is coming to fruition. I don’t want to keep dragging it out by coming up with new enemies to fight. Once you do that, it starts getting repetitive and you have to ask where it all ends? Will your characters ever live in peace? Will Drakin ever produce a happily ever after? I think An Empire of Ashes comes pretty close. So if I rip that open, it will need to be because I’ve got a good angle going.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had a few ideas. One surrounded a dragon that was in one of the camps and witnessed unspeakable horrors. He spends the next several years after his release trying to hunt down the guard commander that murdered his family and was unspeakably cruel towards him. It’s sort of an Ahab story, except with someone who has a justifiable reason for hunting down their beast other than madness and obsession.
This has a few problems… First, I’ve kind of already done this. If that idea sounds familiar, that’s because it’s kind of what happened to Radley in The Orphans of Haven. Second, An Empire of Ashes took place on a fairly global scale. It was major warfare. This would be a relatively insignificant story that really has no effect on the rest of the Drakin universe. It’s hard to go from something so grand and massive to a small, singular story.

Another idea I had was to tackle the Nuremberg II trials. Basically, following Kaori’s coup, she utilizes the old Palace of Justice as a way to show that she’s serious about righting the previous wrongs her country did. The trial would be similar to the Nuremberg I trial, dealing with heads of state and representatives from different groups. The problem with this is it get’s boring. It’s just one big trial. Yes, I can fluff it up with a lot of drama, but we’re talking about going from an action novel to a drama. That’s not really what people want when they pick up Drakin.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have. Does that mean Drakin is finished? HELL NO! If I come up with an idea to carry the story forward, I’ll certainly write about it. However, as it stands, I’m more focused on moving backwards a little bit with Drakin. As I mentioned in a different post, I’m considering doing a shorter story dealing with Qira’s story, following The Orphans of Haven. Her story kind of ended on a downer where she lost the person she cared about the most. I’d like to explore how she went from being a displaced dragon girl that lost almost everything she cared about, to a famous world leader.

Another recommendation I’ve gotten is to explore the Red War. There is apparently some interest in going back to see how humanity wound up doing so badly in the war to the point that they nearly lost. It’s an interesting idea, but I haven’t come up with an idea on how to piece it together.

So there you go. Is Drakin finished? Hell no. Will there be anymore sequels? Probably not, but there will be other stories. Hope this answers your question.




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