Hi Jim,

I’m an art student at the University of New Hampshire and was looking for a subject for my next painting. I was thinking about doing one of Qira as I just finished the Orphans of Haven and I really relate to her. If you’re okay with me doing that, I was hoping you could provide me a little bit more of an in-depth description of what she looks like? I’d be happy to share the final results on your blog if you’d like?


Hi Kate,

That would be awesome! I’d be thrilled to have you take your stab at creating your vision of her. In fact, if anyone is inspired by my stories to do something like this, I welcome you sharing these things with open arms! I would love to see what you come up with!!

Where to begin?

Well first of all, are we talking about humanoid or dragon form?

We’ll go through both just in case….


41079303_534669653660437_9066413543649181696_n(As no doubt you’ve seen by now, this is what her face looks like.)

Her features are a lot less rigid than some of The Story of Raiya’s counter parts. If you look at the cover there, what you can see of the dragons is far more sharp and spiky.


This was done intentionally to illustrate the differences between Terran-born dragons as they evolved to their new climate, and the original elders who came here from another world. Qira is among the first to start displaying differences, which is why so many older dragons are confused by her size and age.

All right, so her description is fairly straightforward… her scales are bluish gray all down her body. Her dragonform is actually much more humanoid than some might expect. She is about the size of an average human, her neck is slightly longer than that of a human’s and far more bendable (she can turn her head a lot further than we can). Her chest is something closer to that of a snake’s in that it’s a lighter gray and far smoother than the rest of her body.

Her anatomy also resembled a humanoid; two front legs and two back. The claws on all four are similar to human hands. She has four fingers on each with a sharp nail on the end. Her teeth are silvery and extremely lustrous. Though most dragons stand normally on all fours, Qira actually alternates between that and being bipedal. As she spends more time with humans, she actually opts to spend more time on her hind legs. Her mane goes to the bottom of her neck where it becomes solid spikes that are the same color. The spikes remain consistent in size until they get to her tail where they start to shrink. Her tail is roughly 2/3 the length of the rest of her body. It is extremely sharp at the end.

Her eyes are probably her most striking feature. They look like human eyes. However, one thing I should note is that they constantly look sad, for some reason.

Her build is skinny to muscular. Keep in mind, she’s underfed during the first act of the story, but well-exercised. So why she appears thin, her arms and legs should be well toned.

Finally, her wings. She has a pair of wings that sprout from her shoulders. They should resemble demon wings with a spike at the joint where they curve. The muscle areas should be the same color as her scales where the actual flaps should be more like her mane.

So what about her human form? Well that ones easy.


In the book, she appears once as a slender humanoid female. Again, well toned like in her dragon form, but she does have some differences… Her hair is silver and extremely lustrous, matching her dragon mane. Her eyes are nearly identical in both forms. Her skin is extremely pale with a faint shade of grayish blue in elect areas. Her ears match her dragon ears. They are slightly enlarged and pointed. She typically wears a white evening gown.

Here’s the original image of the model for reference…


(Care of the Boston Film Family Photography and  Nicole Hailer)

Both of these should give you a good idea of what she looks like in both forms. I hope this helps you come up with something really great for her! I can’t wait to see it!

Thanks and good luck!




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