Hi Jim,

I do have a question! Since you posted about a song in the beginning of this post, I’m interested in whether you ever multi-task while writing? What is your process? I usually listen to White Noise when I’m writing. Is it different for you? Maybe you listen to music, or nothing?

Saniyyah Eman

Hi Saniyyah,

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a scatterbrain. If you ever meet me in person, I come off as somewhat stoic and calm… or so I’m told, but the truth is while I’m sitting there listening to you talk, my mind is actually processing about a hundred different pieces of information at the same time. These include questions that I want to answer, things I have to do for work, fleshing out story lines, brainstorming new story ideas, wondering what’s going on with my family, and the list goes on.


All right… now because my mind is going a mile a minute, usually I’ve got a bunch of things going on at once on my computer screen. I’ll have my favorite news programs on either on one screen or on the TV, music playing on YouTube, I’ll be doing some work, typing out another section of my story, paying bills or filling out paperwork that needs to be completed, as well as detailing anything else I have to do during the day. Believe it or not, I’m actually the most comfortable with that level of ‘chaos’ in my life. If it’s too quiet, I’m usually ready to freak out. I don’t like uncomfortable silences.

There’s no real process other than that. I write when I’m comfortable and I typically have a ton of other things going on as well. Hope that answers your question!



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3 Comments on “How I write! #Writing #Author #Advice

  1. I’m actually the opposite. When I’m writing my mind is silent and I concentrate only on the story I’m writing at that moment. This is also true for everything else that I do. I’m being in the Now as much as I can in any given moment and, when I’m doing something, I concentrate on that alone.
    By the way, thanks for the like!


  2. James, I have much the same kind of traffic running around in my mind (I believe that’s part of what helps me write.) It can be particularly dangerous when in the middle of serious personal conversations, although I’ve run into problems with it on my day job as well. I have to work hard to focus on what’s actually happening outside my head.
    We’re all different of course, and some divide their attention better than others, but I don’t believe there is any true multi-tasking (at least not if you want to do something well – multi-tasking means that full focus isn’t being given to any one thing. To be effective, I have to focus on one thing (no matter how many times my brain tries to take off in 50 directions), and if I am distracted from the task at hand, it takes a while to get back into that task (I used to be faster at switching IN MY YOUTH, but not so much now.
    When I write, I can’t have things going on in the background – I’m too easily distracted, and it WILL influence (and possibly destroy) the voice that’s being worked “on the paper” at the time. But whatever works for you – that’s the only right or wrong that matters.

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