Taryn arrived back at her dorm at 1pm and went to lie down for a little while. She hadn’t slept well in a few nights and needed to relax. She got off of Glide, who proceeded to park itself in the shed.

Taryn walked up the stairs and headed inside, back to her room. She curled up on her bed and went to sleep. Her breathing slowed as her eyes closed.

At first, she slept fine, but then the images entered her mind again. A pale figure with long, dark, hair entered her dreams and caused her to shake violently. She saw his burning red eyes in her mind and fought to wake up.

Sentinel picked up on her abnormal heart rate and her tremors and immediately came to life, “Taryn, you need to wake up!”

No response.

“Taryn, I repeat… wake up!”

Still nothing. Whatever was going on, she wasn’t going to come out of it with someone just talking to her. Sentnel entered its settings and reprogrammed its notification system. It began to buzz and it’s volume increased by 110%.

This time, in a voice that was loud enough to alert the whole dorm, Sentinel called out, “Taryn, wake up, now!”

The thundering voice pierced through Taryn’s ears, causing her to sit straight up in with record speed. She was breathing heavily as she looked at Sentinel. Her face was red and it looked as though she had just over done it during a work out, “Sentinel… report… what happened?”

Sentinel nodded, “Report, you were experiencing siezure-like symptions, I simply took the necessary steps to bring you out of it.”

Taryn took a moment to calm down. When her breathing returned to normal, she nodded at Sentinel, “Thank you…”

“Happy to be of service.” Sentinel replied. “Although their may be a silver lining this time.”

“And what would that be?”

Sentinel knew that what he was about to say would cheer her up, “This may be proof enough that Bobby has nothing to do with you night terrors. My readings indicate that he is still in class and thus nowhere near you.”

Taryn rubbed the tip of her left ear, “You’re right… that is good news.”

She looked out the window at the trees. The newly grown leaves blew in the wind as she sat in a pile of her crumpled sheet. Her mind was a void. She didn’t want to think about what these dreams meant at all and so she trid not to think, period.

Finally, she turned back to Sentinel, “Time?”

“The current time is 1:45pm.”

Taryn nodded, “I should probably get up if I want to go meet up with Bobby.”

Sentinel nodded, “That would be advisable.”

“Thanks Sentinel.” Taryn said in an appreciative tone. “Maybe I won’t be tweaking your program after all.”

Sentinel disappeared into her wristband without another word. Taryn got up and straightened herself out. Her blouse had become wrinkled, so she traded it for a V-neck tshirt. Her hair wasn’t too bad, so she let it stay as it was.

Confident that she didn’t look like a hot mess, she left her room and headed for the main hall. It was nearing 2pm so she didn’t have much time if she wanted to catch him. Bobby had a way of disappearing. For a guy over six feet, he was pretty stealthy.

It appeared that luck was with her when she arrived at the main hall. Bobby was standing right outside the glass doors talking to Merrin and another girl. It seemed as though they were locked in a debate about something, but with all the other noise around them, even Taryn’s sophicsticated ears couldn’t make them out.

Merrin saw her coming and waved to her, “Taryn, I didn’t think ye had any more classes today.”

“I don’t.” Taryn replied. “I just got bored and came to see what everyone was doing.”

Merrin nodded, “Gotcha… well we just talking about a party that’s going to be happenin’ tomorrow o’er at Morrow Hall.”

“That hall is nothing but a ton of under classmen and underage drinking.” The other girl said. “I will not be attending. That’s trouble we don’t need.”

Taryn smiled, “Weren’t you dating an under classmen, Lisa?”

“Was,” Lisa replied as she brushed a few loose strands of her short black hair back, “and if I never see his ugly face again it’ll be too soon.”

Lisa McConnell was the founding member of one of the Christian groups on campus. She was considered an unnofficial spiritual leader by many students throughout the campus. Taryn could never understand why as she seemed like a very stoic, Old Testament style preacher.

Lisa didn’t suffer fools easily and often spent her time outside of campus ministry alone. She kept up a wall between herself and most people and, while friendly, kept everyone at arm’s length. The only person she ever really let in was Tom, her boyfriend, but that eventually fizzled and though no one knew specifically why, most assumed she was the cause.

Taryn looked over at Bobby and smiled, “Can I borrow you for a moment?”

Bobby nodded, “Uh, sure.”

He turned back to Merrin and Lisa, “I’ll be right back.”

Merrin smiled, “Take ya time, ye kids have fun.”

Taryn rolled her eyes, “Yeah, thanks Merrin, thanls a lot, buddy…”

“No problem.”

She pulled Bobby around the corner until the two of them were out of sight. Bobby noticed that Taryn’s eyes were darting around nervously, as though she didn’t want anyone to see them, “So… what’s going on?”

Taryn returned her attention to the boy waiting patiently in front of her, “I don’t usually do this… but…”

Without another word, she grabbed him by the back of his neck and chin, and planted her lips on his. Her eyes closed as she sucked in a deep breath through her nose and elevated her body on to her toes. Your move…

Bobby’s eyes went wide for a few seconds, but he eventually closed them and put his arms around her. What was this about? She’d kept a safe distance from him for weeks, why was she now letting down that barrier?

Taryn released her grip on Bobby and pulled back. She’d made her feelings aparent and was now vulnerable. She felt exposed as though she were standing in naked in front of him. It was a feeling that she hated, but would have to endure until Bobby made the next move.

Bobby looked at her in shock, “What was that about?”

Taryn bit her lower lip, “Like you don’t know. You’ve been really sweet to me and we have a good repor. I think you know how I feel.”

“Well yeah, but I thought you weren’t looking for a relationship.”

“I wasn’t, not at first.” Taryn responded.

“So what changed?”

“My attitude.”

“I don’t get it.”

Taryn shrugged, “Bobby, I don’t have a whole ton of time to myself, so what time I do have, I’m very choosy about whom to spend it on. That’s just how I am. I guess I wasn’t sure about you at first. I wanted to take some time and get to know you better before making a move.”

“So now you’re ready?”

“I think so. You’ve already proved that I can trust you. I just wasn’t sure I was ready to tell you about… well my family legacy for one.”

“Your family legacy?”

Taryn’s eyes narrowed, “You mean, you don’t know? How could you not have heard the stories going around?”

“Know what, what stories?”

“What’s my last name.”

“Arrigan… so?”

Taryn chuckled, “You really are oblivious, aren’t you?”

Bobby frowned, hinting that he had been insulted. Taryn touched his cheek, “Oh stop, it’s cute.”

“So what does this have to do with anything?”

Taryn sighed, “Tobias Arrigan is my great grandfather.”

“The Last Enchanter?” Bobby asked. “You’re related to the guy that saved Boston?”

“Saved the world.” Taryn said, correcting him. “I don’t care what the government says. I know what really happened during the undead incident. My family is responsible for driving them out.”

“I believe you.”

“I’m glad.”

“So can you… uh…”


Bobby looked at her oddly, “No?”

“I can’t cast spells, I can’t perform tricks, or anything of that nature. No one in my family can. It’s an ability that has long since been lost.”

“Oh okay.” Bobby replied. “So where do we go from here?”

“I’ll leave that up to you. Consider that kiss an offer. It  can stay here and remain a secret… or we can start hanging out more and see where things go. I’m not going to hold you to anything.”

“I see.” Bobby said thoughtfully. “Well, I think I’d like that. Since it seems you made the first move, it’s only fair that I make the second. The new remake of Star Wars, A New Hope is out in theaters. It got great reviews… you want to go?”

“Merrin has been complaining about them destroying a classic for months now. I can just imagine how pissed he’ll be if he finds out our first date was to see it.”

A wide smile appeared on Taryn’s face, “It’s not really my type of movie, but I’d love to go.”

“Great, pick you up at 7?”

“I’ll be ready.”

Bobby nodded, “Awesome.”

“All right. We should probably get back to Merrin and Lisa, God only knows what they’re going on about now.”

“Not a bad idea.” Bobby agreed.

Bobby led Taryn back to the front of the building where Lisa and Merrin were still talking. Merrin turned when he saw them coming, “You two good?”

Taryn nodded, “Yes, I’d say we’re very good.”

The group continued chatting for a while, but Taryn barely participated. She was more concerned with how things were going to go tonight with Bobby. What if she’d let him in for nothing?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a shadow that caught the corner of her eye. Behind the next building over, just for a moment, it looked like a dark figure had been watching her, though she couldn’t be certain. It disappeared the moment that she turned to look.

Though not as powerful as they could be, her hearing was still far better than any human. If someone had been there, she should have been able to detect them. She watched for a few more moments, but it appeared that whoever it was, wasn’t there anymore.

Merrin looked at Taryn oddly, “Hey, ye wit us o’er there?”


“Lisa n’ I were just talkin’ bout grabbin’ some food. Bobby got another class, but ye want to come?”


At that moment, her ear caught the sound of light breathing. She turned back and saw the figure for a moment before it disappeared again. Her eyes narrowed, but once again, it was gone. Chills ran down her spine as she scanned the area.

She quickly turned back to the group, having decided that it was probably best to stay around people for a while, “Yeah I’m in.”

Bobby looked worried, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I think I’m just seeing things. Don’t worry about me.”

Lisa looked over at the cafeteria building, “We should probably get going then, before the crowd moves in.”

Taryn looked like she was only partially there as she turned back to the group, “Yeah, not a bad idea.”

Bobby turned and headed back into the main building, “I’ll catch up with you later.”

Taryn smiled, “Bye Bobby.”


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