Hi Jim,

I just finished all three books and had a question. In the first book, you really avoided tackling the Red War. At first I understood it, but given that it’s a major plot point in your story, and given that you went into full detail about Kaori’s revolution, I was wondering why you decided to avoid something so huge in your first book, given that your third book is completely full of warfare.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi Thomas,


So some people have suggested that I should revisit the Red War in another book and I’m seriously considering it. I’m just not really sure how I want to go about it. One neat thing about leaving the Red War so ambiguous is that it’s allowed people to kind of form their own ideas and thoughts about how the war went and who did what. Destroying that could backfire big time. So I’m not sure, I might, I might not.

To answer your question, I didn’t get into the Red War much because there really wasn’t any major fighting. The front lines had crumbled and there were no major engagements. Basically by the time ‘The Story of Raiya’ took place, humanity had all but lost the war. All the major fighting was over, the military industrial complex of the Western Coalition had all but been dismantled, and what little military was left was in hiding. The remnants of Humanity were either scattered through the wastelands or hiding behind well-fortified walls of the remaining city-states.

The war was now little more than a series of raids against these city states that they’ve successfully repelled. So you actually did see the war in it’s entirety for what it was at that point. I may get into the thick of it later. My first book was focused on the two main characters where An Empire of Ashes had a much bigger cast and focus. This is why I went to a far broader scope in that book.

Anyway, I hope that answers your question! Thanks so much!


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