I just discovered your blog because you “liked” my poem. I have previously self-published short stories and had a couple of short stories published in literary journals. I am re-branding myself and “relaunching” myself so to speak into the literary world.
Am I able to mention these other short stories to potential agents if I published them under a different pseudonym?
Also, I want to generate some buzz about the novel I’m working on, but if I end up getting an agent and getting published and things change, I don’t want to deceive people (i.e. teasers, celebrities I’d like to play my characters, general marketing tactics). So do I just avoid talking about what I’m working on in the meantime?
Thanks in advance. Your blog is very helpful for a new author!

Hi Isabelle,
As long as you can verify that you are the person using that pseudonym, I don’t see a problem with that. Why shouldn’t you mention them? That’s part of your resume! Just be sure to provide documentation that you are the same person, otherwise you may get a literary agent scratching their heads.
On the other hand, typically when people try to update their brand, they often try to pull away from their old look. So it’s really up to you there. I personally don’t see an issue with it.
As for advertising your book before it’s done… vagueness is key. For my stories, I typically let people know that a new book is coming out and give a very brief idea of what the plot is about, usually one to two lines. I don’t go into great detail because things change. I answer a few standard FAQs and then say stay tuned. I tend not to give much more of an update regarding plot until the book is going through editing once it’s been completed. Even then, I limit the amount I tell.
Anyway, I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


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