Hi Jim,

I was wondering whether or not there would be a sequel to An Empire of Ashes? I followed the series from the beginning and you’ve typically had the books out in rapid succession.


Hi Mica,

Sigh… yes, I know. It’s actually driving me crazy right now. Please do not mistake my lack of announcement to mean that I’m done. I’m (hopefully) far from done. Unfortunately, at the moment, I don’t really have much of a story to go on. I have been writing, I do have some sequels and off shoots ready to go, sadly… most of them are pretty weak.

So far my options include the following… and I’ll provide context as to why they likely won’t be published…

  1. Drakin: The Wounds that Remain.
    This is the story of a man who survived the Iksyar camp. He has scars and health issues stemming from his time as an Imperial prisoner. The story goes that he sets out on a journey to find the camp commandant who was responsible for his suffering. The man was long-believed to be dead, but our main character didn’t believe it and has found evidence backing up this information. Unfortunately for him, the journey to find his enemy leads him… right back home… to an elderly man that took him in. There’s a long confrontation and the story ends with the doors closing behind them and a gunshot. I don’t tell whether the man commits suicide, kills his old friend, or simply shoots the gun in the air.Why it won’t be published: This… is too dark. I know, An Empire of Ashes went full dark mode with a lot of it’s themes, but it also had some lighter points to it, including some whimsy and a sense of adventure. This has none of that and comes off as a depressing murder mystery with a twist ending. Additionally, I’ve already done the revenge theme in The Orphans of Haven, and already driven the point home as to the repercussions of choosing revenge over forgiveness. I abandoned this story within a few chapters.
  2. Drakin: Shards of the Heart
    I admit that I caved to the modest public pressure I received to dive into Qira’s backstory a little bit more. This story starts off concurrently with the events of the Orphans of Haven, immediately following Radley’s death, and it goes into some of the details that I left out. As the book goes into new territory, Qira returns to her homeland to try and come to terms with everything that happened. Haven is her home, but everything there reminds her of what she lost. Going back to her nesting ground meant an absence of that… or so she thought. Instead of reminders of Radley, she got reminders of why Radley happened in the first place, and the lies she was told. This only makes her even more angry. During this time, she meets up with an Inuit medicine woman who takes her in.
    Qira’s mind is broken, but worse, I reveal in this story that she needs to mate or she might not survive. Unfortunately, the man she imprinted on, died soon after. The medicine woman guides her through spiritual meditation and… at this point the story becomes kind of a paranormal romance. However, it does delve into how dragons discovered how to appear as humans.Why it won’t be published: Well… I admit that I go back to this one quite often. Maybe I’ll post it on here at some point. However, I’ve pushed the dragons telepathic/telekinetic abilities as far as I care to. I have tried to keep some sense of realism in the story to keep it in the sci-fi realm more than the fantasy realm. This story pushes those abilities to the extreme.
  3. Drakin: The Nuremberg Files
    I danced with the idea of doing a story surrounding the second Nuremberg Trials that were supposed to take place following the end of An Empire of Ashes. This would have pit the new Majko , Kaori, against one of her top generals in a courtroom ideological battle for the soul of their country. In this, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Kaori would be fighting for the idea that dragonkind and humankind could live together in peace, modelling the UPW, whereas her former general, facing a death sentence, battles to preserve the notions of Kaori’s mother.
    Kaori finds herself in an uncomfortable position as she’s still new to the role and not sure which way public opinion will go.
    Why it won’t be published: I honestly couldn’t make it work, try though I might. No matter how many times I started in on it, I just kept running afoul of my own morality in trying to tell a story similar to what the world went through, without completely copying it. I may try again at some point, but for now… this one’s dead…
  4. Drakin: The Dogs of War
    This is the most recent work I’m formulating. It’s a prequel and is taken from the perspective of the dragons during the Red War. This story will surround Nylen, Qira’s father, and Qira’s older (unmentioned) sister. Like Qira, Nylie is raised to be idealistic. However, she is raised when Nylen is still a killer during the war. She rebels against her father’s horrific actions and attempts to stop the bloodshed. I haven’t fleshed it out in it’s entirety yet, but her death will be the catalyst for Nylen to become a pacifist, and there will be more intertwining between the Characters from Orphans of Haven and An Empire of Ashes.
    Why it won’t be published: This one might be… I’m still working out the bugs and I haven’t even started it, but we’ll see how it goes.

So my friend, I hope this answers your question. I have been chugging right along, attempting to find a way to get another installment in the series off the ground, it’s just been hard as storyline after stotyline gets abandoned. Stay tuned though, a Drakin story WILL come.


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