Hi Jim,

I was wondering about Qira. According to your book, literally all of the dragons are descended from the original six dragons that landed on Earth. I was curious about which of the elders Qira descended from? Have you ever put any thought into that?


Hi Lorena,

Yes, I’m planning on adding that into another book, though I’m not sure whether or not it will be published. Qira shares a partial bloodline with Raiya. They are both descended from Eutherys. I thought it would make a nice touch to the story. For having such a dark family history, between the leader of the dragon faction that attacked Earth, to the Butcher that slaughtered people mercilessly, now to have Qira not only working with humans to create a peaceful society, but to have her mated to a human is a great 180* on her family.

It’s technically not a redemption story as Qira has literally done nothing wrong, but at the very least, it helps wash a little of the blood from her family’s hands.

Hope this answers your question! Glad you liked the book!


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