Hi Jim,

I wanted to ask you about An Empire of Ashes. I was curious… how did Nayeli keep her true identity secret from Joaquim? Given the fact that they seemed to have been so intimate for as long as they were, wouldn’t he have figured it out sooner?


Hi Mike,

Good question. Honestly, I wrestled with that one for a while and I kind of answered it in a previous post. Sadly I can’t find it right now. However, the idea was that the ability to shroud in human form is almost autonomic. A dragon can trigger it at will, but once they do, unless their body experiences some kind of shock, they won’t transform back unless they trigger it themselves. It’s akin to opening or closing your fist. It will stay in whatever shape you put it in until you trigger it again.

My original plan with Nayeli was that she would be born a dragon and then transform into a human at a very young age, suffer memory loss, and essentially forget what she really is. Nayeli’s transformation would come as a shock to both of them.

I abandoned that plot thread because we already had enough going on in the book. However, essentially, the idea remains the same. Nayeli could easily hide her true identity and did so in order to protect Joaquim from prosecution if he was captured.

I hope that answers your question!


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  1. Know this dilemma. You never know how a plot will work out till you start writing a first draft. And then you go back to he plotting table and start weeding. Nobody wants to end up with a whopper of 800 (or more) pages when they can prevent it.


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