So this isn’t a Q&A post, but after watching a couple of my favorite Sci-Fi movies and reading, having nothing better to do… I noticed a glaring error in some of my favorites. While the story continuity in most was pretty good, I found problems in the technology that didn’t seem to match up too well.

Instead of picking apart the writing of a few colleagues, I’m going to use a few more famous and controversial examples that people know about for references, especially since some of these issues have been explained nearly to death.

Let’s get started…

What do I mean by tech continuity?

So what I mean by that is technology being touted as top of the line in one story, but then in stories that either take place in the same timeline or different scenes, have tech that’s even more advanced or arguably less advanced with little to no explanation, yet somehow, we’re supposed to believe that they both exist in the same time period. Chronologically, it doesn’t always work.

For this, let’s use three well-known examples;

Star Wars

Star Trek


So let’s tackle them one at time; the problems, the resolution, and perhaps viable explanations.

I’m going to start with the easiest example… Star Wars. For years now, people have railed against the prequel trilogy for being considerably more technologically advanced than the original trilogy, which was far more gritty and, well, lived in.

So why does this happen? Well, the best explanation is that film production technology is far more advanced, thus of course things are going to look better. This excuse is


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