Just saw this movie with my wife and… actually to my surprise, I really liked it. Hugh Jackman ruined Les Miserables and Oklahoma for me with his subpar singing, but he was actually very good in this one. Though… I have to admit, singers with more skill did it better! 🙂

When to Listen:  This one is currently on my general playlist, though you could make the case for it being used during a scene of competition, like a sporting event or something of that nature.


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3 Comments on “From My Writing Playlist #Music #Writing #Advice

  1. I don’t know about the music, but the movie itself was massively revisionist history. PT Barnum was known for exploiting the “freaks” in his show, saying elephants don’t feel pain, so it’s OK to abuse them, and most infamously “There’s a sucker born every minute”


    • Yeah, that one I agree with. My wife loves musicals and refuses to watch ones that are based on actual events with me because I point out all this stuff.
      She particularly didn’t like that he married his second wife while Michelle William’s character’s body was still warm in the grave.

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