Hello all!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce a longtime friend, advocate, musician, and fellow writer who has just released his first book of poetry!

A Selfish Gift

Copied from his page: 

What’s a more selfish gift than a book of poetry? No one reads anymore, and no one ought to read poetry in the first place. Thumbing his nose at all that, Brett Greene’s debut book “A Selfish Gift” examines: the role of poetry in the modern world; the thin line between senseless chaos and divine order; what it means to be a teacher (and student); what death may teach us; and what “what doesn’t kill us” does to us instead.

About Brett:

I could go on for days about my experiences with him, but instead I’ll post what he has written:
He wrote his first poem at 6. He taught himself guitar at 15 to put his poetry to music. Started a band at 16. Then he thought he would be a filmmaker. Then he became a film school drop out. Then he thought he’d study religion and ethics. Then he became a religious studies drop out. Then he spent 7 years getting a bachelor’s degree in English, but not before being a business major and dropping out. Then he got a job in drug research (before he managed to get the English degree), and he’s been working in drug research, cannabis and psychedelics, starting multiple companies and advising many others. He still plays music sometimes, still writes poetry, but making money has replaced his artistic ambitions. He continues to harbor a little resentment that his literary career never took off, but then again this is his first book of poetry and if he’s being honest, he never really tried.


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!


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