So death and/or despair.

Hoo boy… um… well… I’m going to give you a few before I go back to Romance tomorrow.

I suppose I should post this one for death:

What the hell???

Before you all go scratching your heads, hear me out. I’m not referring to the entire song. Just the opening vocalist.

Still don’t get it? Listen to the opening vocalist again. Now close your eyes and picture a young maiden, maybe a character of yours walking through an open field its pretty, there are flowers, the sun is bright, everything is tranquil. Then she get’s either hit with a spell or shot and falls to the ground in fairly slow motion. Tell me it doesn’t fit.

[Spoiler Alert]


That number is responsible for Lia’na’s death in Tears of the Fallen. It’s how I came up with the idea.

Second song:

This song is off of Evanescence’s little-known Origins Album, well before they became famous with ‘Wake Me Up Inside’ and then quickly faded into obscurity.

Honestly… this is a funeral dirge. This is a song for despair and loss. It’s technically not on my regular playlist, so it won’t come up automatically, but I go to this song when writing a post disaster/death/tragedy scene. It helps with the aftermath.

The first time I heard this when I started writing, I took it and placed the last 20 seconds or so (the harmonizing at the end) over Padme’ Amidala’s funeral scene in Star Wars… and it matched perfectly. Seriously, try it out. Start at about 2:38 (You can do…) and play the funeral scene with no audio:

Anyway like I said, definitely not a casual listen, but it works on many levels.


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