I have to admit… I’m kicking myself for not posting this one sooner. I know people have mixed feelings about this movie, I completely get that. It is a muddled mess and maybe I’m looking at it through nostalgia goggles… but I would argue not. My nostalgia goggles didn’t protect the Dark Crystal. I can’t even watch that movie anymore. This one… at the very least, is a beautiful-looking movie and of course, Tim Curry is a lot of fun. I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure, even if the story makes no sense.

When to Listen:  So this particular theme is the Unicorn track and… honestly, you can use it when writing a few different scenes. I think originally, particularly at about 30 seconds in, it was meant to convey innocence, majesty, and beauty. So technically, if you’re writing about a young royal, like a princess, and you want to describe her… have at it.
For me… this song tune took on a different meaning. I saw it as a comforting sound. So I use it when my main character is reacquainted with someone they care deeply for.
This song was used in the scene in Gravestalker when Toby found out that he had successfully resurrected his love, despite her not having any memory of him. It was a touching scene where she had to take everything on trust because as far as she was concerned, Toby was a stranger.

So either way, it really does work.


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