So as most everyone knows… I’m huge into action figure collecting. There are two big ones I’m waiting for. The first and perhaps most important is a commissioned one-of-a-kind action figure. See I love Skyrim… but let’s face it, the figures that came out from the game kinda sucked! All they had was a Daedric lord and a fairly generic Dragonborn. Yeah sign me up for that!

Well I sought to rectify that situation. There were two characters from the game I absolutely loved. The first was a custom character that I’d done some work on, known as Aranya:

My most badass elven follower. She has no magic but wields two cursed knives and a very powerful bow.

Obviously, no company is going to release a figure for a character that people modded into the game… so it fell to me to find a way around that. That’s when a google search revealed… what I can only describe as a master figure sculptor John Harmon.

The commission wasn’t cheap, good geeky things never are, but the results… well they speak for themselves:


Needless to say, I wasn’t done. The other figure I wanted was my other favorite follower. One that is actually canon to Skyrim and… well is either beloved by fans or hated by them. I personally love her and am a huge fan of her voice acting:


Yeah, I am in the fan of Serana camp. I’m anxiously awaiting this commission to come through.  Don’t have any really good pictures to show yet as it’s not finished, but I can’t wait for John to send me the final product.

So what’s up with the whole ‘woes’ thing???

Sigh… well that’s the other figure I’m waiting for… As most of my readers know… I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan, so whenever something comes out related to that, I grab it… so a preorder of Corrin from Fates? I’m all over that!!


Oh yeah! I already have the Lucina one… so this one was pretty big for me! It looks absolutely amazing. The problem? Figma and the goodsmile company have a habit of taking FOREVER to put anything new out and also have an irritating tendency to delay releases, often multiple times!

This figure was set for release back in September, but it was quickly pushed to November… well it’s November and guess what? I get an email today that it’s pushed back to December. I seriously could have done without that today…
I wouldn’t mind so much except that this company NEVER gives specific dates for release. So even if it is released that month, you won’t know when until its on the way… unless I’m missing something. If anyone knows of a newsletter or something like that they send out, please let me know.


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