Hi Jim,
I’m having trouble with two separate stories I’m writing. I’ve got both of them complete, but neither one of them is particularly long and I don’t think they’re strong enough to stand by themselves. I wrote them as sort of a separate story in the same universe where the characters from both stories meet up at the end and basically finish off the bad guy. At this point, I’m thinking of scrapping the story,  but I really do like it. So I thought I’d reach out and get your thoughts.

Hi Dillan,

I think part of the problem is that you may have gotten a little ahead of yourself. It sounds like you jumped the gun, writing the second story when the first one wasn’t even complete and ironed out. I’m all for getting all of your ideas down on paper, but focus on one story; one set of characters, and one set of events before moving onto the next one.
That being said… I think I may have a solution for you. Have you considered combining the stories?  Think about it for a second… read any story out there with a large cast of 4 or more that have multiple plot threads. What happens? Well… the cast tends to split off into groups and go on their own adventures. They tend to alternate the chapters between each group. So maybe you should do the same thing?
Here’s what I want you to try; save a copy of each of your stories. Now open a third file and paste the first chapter from your first story in. Mark that as chapter one. Then paste in the first chapter from your second story and mark that as chapter 2. Now go back and forth doing that with the rest of your book, paste in chapters where you feel they’ll fit and work together. Once you’re done, read the new book you’ve created in its entirety. Does it work? Do the narrative flow and everything come together?
I think this really might be the best solution for you in terms of what you’ve got going on. Feel free to email me and let me know how it’s going.
Readers, what do you think Dillan should do? Let me know in the comments.


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1 Comment on “Two Stories In One

  1. Good advice Jim.
    I thought maybe he could leave them separate, maybe even have more than the two stories leading into that ending. But then, how would he have suspense if the first story his readers see reveals the villain’s defeat? I suppose he could end the story in a cliff-hanger that the next story might or might not resolve. I wonder how many iterations of that he could get away with before his readers became frustrated with the “never-ending” story?
    Perhaps if he can have another major objective fulfilled just before the cliffhanger in each one – the villain is partially defeated, but their lives are in the balance at the end of each. The final story brings all the characters together for a climax instead of another cliff-hanger.
    Many ways to skin a cat (sorry, cat people out there…)


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